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When I first started to delve into the retro gaming video games subculture I was eager to search for the websites and blogs to visit as well as the people to follow on Social Media.

I wanted to seek out the cream of the crop so as I could learn as much about the scene as possible as well as gaining ideas in order to launch my beloved Games Freezer Blog.
At first, it very much was a needle in a haystack scenario as there seemed to be a mountain of results on any retro gaming search but over the last few years, I’ve compiled a nice list of great websites and blogs that I would highly recommend to anybody.

I’ve also made some great friends on social media who are awesome to follow as they post great content on a regular basis.

I thought that it would be good to share this knowledge and create a retro gaming directory for anyone to delve into and get started in the Retro Gaming community as easily as possible.

This will be a living article that will get updates on a regular basis, so bookmark this page and come back often in order to get the latest Retro Gaming Directory FIX!

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