☆ Mobile Game Of The Day - Gunblazer - Inspired By Galaga & Xenon..... ☆ #Retrogaming

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Gunblazer is a retro arcade shoot em up inspired by classic Galaga, Xenon, etc.

Your mission is to destroy the waves of incoming alien ships and kill their MASTER BRAIN leader. 
Gunblazer features:
  • Classic retro style top view shoot em up
  • 3D Graphics with vivid, cartoon style colors
  • 4 degrees of freedom movement
  • Medium to hard (vast, intense) game-play, ideal for lot of strafing, never gets easy
  • Automatically homing rockets (with small delay on power up pick-up)
  • Simple game, replicates a classic 80's style arcade

There is a MEGA NUKE power up, it must be picked up when enemies are drawn on screen to have them all blasted up, it adds up zero score points though.

This is a retro game and replicates a classic coin up arcade, there are no features such as checkpoints or save games, if the player is killed the game starts from the beginning.

Give It A Go......

"Stay Frosty Followers"

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