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The NES Mini got a lot of Nintendo fans excited last year as Nintendo launched a mini retro marvel to the world packed with 30 fan favourite games.

The stampede to pre-order was audible and the excitement created was tangible.
As someone who loves the retro gaming scene, this was a brilliant concept and I loved the discussion it promoted around the re-living of those golden days of the Nintendo Entertainment System.
The thing is, we all knew deep down that Nintendo would probably do the oldest trick in the book and seemingly make stock hard to come by and this would create a supply and demand situation whereby stock would come and go in minutes.

The thing is, I think Nintendo made a mistake here (either intentionally or unintentionally) by not having enough stock to meet the considerable demand it meant that instead of people continue to clamour for a NES Mini, they just gave up and went back to the PS4 and XBOX One.

I think Nintendo overestimated the passion for this product in the long term and lost out on the moment of nostalgic-peak that they had skillfully created through putting the childhood memories back in front of people's eyes. I feel that the NES Mini would have sold even better if they had stocked considerably more units rather than just playing the tired old marketing game of "ooooh look we're out of stock but keep checking and ye shall receive"

Who remembers the Wii and the Wii Balance Board Madness that was around in the days when stock checker websites seemed to spring up everywhere?

Well, I'd like to say to Nintendo that times have changed. We all still love Nintendo but in this area, they really missed a trick with NES Mini. It should have been the present for Christmas that almost every gamer could get their hands on. It should have been the thing that gamers who no longer game could play and maybe reignite their video games passion by remembering how good it feels to play these awesome retro games. 
Maybe those gamers who re-enter the gaming community would then have taken up the hobby again and be potential Nintendo Switch purchasers?

Instead, we may have seen some more savvy gamers take on the small technical challenge of getting a Raspberry Pi and running

Yes, the NES Mini probably could be seen as a success but it could have been so much more of a commercial success if Nintendo could have moved away from these tired marketing tactics.

Like many gamers, I am also keen to see whether Nintendo follow up the NES Mini with a Super Nintendo Mini. For me this would be a must have purchase but if it descended into the farce that we have seen with the NES Mini then it would put me off and leave me with a sour taste in my mouth.

If I were to make a wishlist for SNES Mini it would consist of the following things I would like to see included

  • The ability to plug in original SNES cartridges (PAL/JAP/NTSC) and play that back catalogue via a shiny new Nintendo
  • The ability to download classic games directly to the Mini SNES via the Nintendo Virtual Console
  • The ability to access original manuals via the NES Mini for every game
  • Multiplayer via Online. If your childhood friend now lives in Australia, it would still be cool to hook up via SNES Mini online network and play Contra together!
  • Online Leaderboards. Tap into that awesome retro gaming community get the buzz going as the retro gamers from around the world take on some of the coolest High Score Challenges.

Nintendo could really corner the retro market here and tap into the nostalgia of the 30/40 somethings like myself if they make a system that the whole community wants.

If they don't get it right next time round maybe someone like SEGA can?

We know SEGA struggle nowadays to create the games they used to as has been illustrated by all their bungled attempts to bring us a proper new Sonic game. Now they look likely to deliver on the SONIC promise with Sonic Mania, maybe that will prove the worth of re-entering the retro games arena with a proper SEGA Megadrive / Genesis reboot……..or maybe a cheeky little SEGA Master System.

There's a market out there and it's just who comes back to exploit it the best……..Mini Commodore Amiga anyone?

What's On YOUR SNES Mini Wishlist?

Which Console Would YOU Like To Remade for The Digital Generation?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below….

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