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When it comes to HAMA Beads and Bead art I have been an admirer from afar for a while now.

I always loved the sight of fellow gamers creating well-known sprites from well-known video games.
There are some truly awesome works of bead art out there that inspired me to give it a go myself and I'm happy to say that I'm now a HAMA wanna be artist.
I got started by trawling the forums to see where was best to obtain the all important tools of the trade such as beads, pegboards and ironing paper. I came across a forum which recommended HAMA suppliers across the different regions of the world and for the UK it pointed to Craft Merrily (https://www.craftmerrily.co.uk/)
Here I was able to buy a nice big tub of around 10000 mixed beads, a pegboard and some ironing paper all for around £15

I then visited Homebase and bought a 21 compartment screw tidy box to store my beads in for around £4
I was now ready to enter the world of video games bead art as I had all the gear (but no idea!)
I watched a few YouTube video tutorials on the subject Hama bead art techniques and worked out the potential pitfalls (especially the ironing part) and now I was ready to begin my first creation.

I started small and simple with a single SpaceInvader and the result looked great, simple but great. At this point, I felt that I'd completed my trial run and wanted to have a go at something slightly more complex. 

Next, I moved onto a Green Mario Mushroom (1Up) and this time I ironed it. I was really pleased with the outcome and decided I'd stick to the Mario Mushroom theme by creating 3 mushrooms. A green, a red (Big Mario) and a blue (Small Mario).

I can safely say that I now have the Hama bead bug and it's something I am often daydreaming about at work as I plan my next design.
Today I'd like to share with you my five fave bead art pieces from other creators.
Some of these are absolutely stunning, so take a look and see what you think.

Do YOU Make Hama Creations?
Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below And Maybe We Could Feature Them In The Next Games Freezer Article!

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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