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It’s not long now until GameBlast 17 kicks off! 

And I for one can’t wait for this brilliant video games fundraising event gets underway. 

The event is organised by the amazing Special Effect Charity which looks to improve the lives of disabled gamers by adapting standard video game hardware and peripherals in order that video games can be enjoyed by all. 

These improvements to the hardware for disabled gamers make a massive difference to these gamers lives by enabling them to join in and play the latest video games with friends and family whereas beforehand they would have no opportunity to do so due to the nature of the controls.

I’ve supported this charity for the last 3 years and I care deeply about its success as I can see immediately how the money raised can make such a difference so quickly!

My aim is to raise £250 for the Special Effect charity as I know this could make a difference to the Special Effect Charity by enabling them to create bespoke technical solutions for many more disabled gamers who may never have had the joy of playing video games.

Read this story about Ben:

"Ben never thought he'd be able to play video games because of his spinal muscular atrophy. He’d found out about Special Effect online and told his parents, but they hadn’t said much. Turned out they’d subsequently arranged a visit to us without telling him, so one morning in April they took him for ‘a bit of a drive’ and an hour or so later, to his absolute surprise, he found himself in the Special Effect games room.

“I’ve never played a proper computer game,” he said.

“I’ve always watched my friends play. Games are important to me because I can’t go out and play football like other kids so I do it on a computer screen.”

Special Effect blue-toothed Ben's wheelchair joystick to a laptop so it could act as the left gaming stick for games like FIFA and Grand Turismo. Special Effect also rigged up a selection of light-touch switches for Ben’s fingers and connected them to the PlayStation via a couple of interfaces. 

The end result is that Ben’s able to play on the PS3 for the first time ever, and he’s barreling into a range of games including Gran Turismo, FIFA, Dirt3, and Minecraft. We’ve lent him the equipment he needs, and now he’s one very happy gamer.

“It’s good because I get the same amount of fun as they do. I can do everything on it and it’s amazing!”

What a great story that is and it really does drive home that we should never take the joy of playing video games for granted.

Now you are reading this what I’d love for you to do is to visit the Special Effect Website to read some more of these brilliant stories about exactly how Special Effect help disabled gamers. http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/

Then I’d like you to donate some money to my just giving page for GameBlast17 https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/thegamesfreezer

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