☆ The Deep Freeze Number 3 (Mar 2017) – Getting To Know The Games Freezer Staff! ☆

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Welcome to Part 3 of the Deep Freeze, where we let you know what the Games Freezer staff have been up to over the last month. 
So let's get cracking......

Pang Man

Games Played:
  • Super Mario Kart
  • House of the Dead Overkill. Just felt like playing an old school first person rail shooter
Movies Watched:

  • John Wick 2: an Action-packed sequel, full of well-choreographed fight scenes. Not quite as good as the 1st movie, but I still enjoyed it.

TV watched:

  • The Americans: Still catching up on this. Currently, have 3 more episodes of season 4 to watch.
  • The Walking Dead: Also 3 episodes behind on this show. The latest season is mixed, some great episodes and a few meh ones.

Lowlight of the month:

  • Having to work late every day and weekends due to project deadlines. I’m pretty tired

The highlight of the month:

  • Doing a leaving speech for a colleague. I completely took the piss out of him throughout!
  • Going to the Video Games Exhibition called EGX Rezzed. I got a chance to play Persona 5, Sonic Mania, Yooka Laylee, a top secret Squaresoft game and some fantastic Indie Games

Most looking forward to:

  • Sleeping more, once my project at work becomes less busy
  • Watching the new series of Prison Break. The 1st season of this show was utterly compelling, the later seasons, not so much. I hope the new episodes will bring back the glory days!

What classic/popular game are you embarrassed to admit you have never played?

  • Super Mario Bros 3. Technically I have played this but certainly not for more than an hour. I really should spend more time with this classic, but for some reason never got round to it. I hang my head in shame.
  • Populous: Again this is a classic that I wanted to buy on the Sega Master System, but never did. The premise of being a God is a fantastic one, and this game was certainly an original.
  • Candy Crush: This game doesn’t interest me, but just in case I don’t want to play it in case I get addicted!


Games Played:
  • MORE Fallout 4! - I need to keep going, must find more locations, must complete all quests!
  • Thimbleweed Park - This game is just so special. If I'm not thinking about Fallout 4 then I'm thinking Thimbleweed.
  • Death Squared - Lots Of fun puzzler on PS4
  • Love You To Bits - A cool iOS point n click adventure that has a heart
Movies Watched:
  • It’s been a NO MOVIES MONTH for me but The Revenant is waiting to be watched. It looks brutal so I am setting aside a few hours for this one!
TV watched:
  • Sons Of Anarchy - just got into this and it’s very addictive. Like a cross between the A-Team, Firefly and some kind of hardcore biker movie! Brilliant!
  • The People VS OJ Simpson - This is intense. Every character is played to perfection. My personal favourite performance from this single series of perfection has to be David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian. You must watch this.
Lowlight of the month:
  • Realising that I couldn’t make any more than half a day at EGX Rezzed (but I did enjoy my limited time at the awesome EGX Rezzed 2017!)
The highlight of the month: 
  • DOOM on PS4 popping through my letterbox after finding it on Amazon for a thrifty fourteen pounds.
Most looking forward to:
  • Getting stuck into DOOM and starting the DOOM Noob Video Feature.
What classic/popular game are you embarrassed to admit you have never played?
  • The original Legend Of Zelda on NES (I'm sorry everyone). I’ve ever got round to playing NES Zelda and I think that I probably should. Better put it on the bucket list.
  • The original DOOM.....But to make up for it I'm starting a new video series called DOOM Noob on YOU TUBE 

"Stay Frosty"

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