☆ Pang Man Part 28 - "The Top 10 Games of EGX Rezzed!" (10 to 6) ☆

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C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_131315.jpg
Having spent a solid number of hours at the Video Games Expo known as EGX Rezzed, I thought it would be good to countdown the best games of the show.

Now let me caveat this with the fact that although I did manage to play a lot of games there were still quite a few titles that I didn't get a chance experience.

So these aren't necessarily the best 10 games of the show but the 10 best (or most intriguing) ones of those that I did get some hands on time with.

So let's get cracking: 

10. Fast RMX
for Nintendo Switch
C:\Users\J\Downloads\Real McCoy - Another Night-U.S. Album\logo.png

I know this game is out already but this was my first time playing it. Similar to F-ZERO this is a futuristic racer catering up to 4 people in local multiplayer.
You are able to switch between blue and orange auras with the touch of a button. You get a boost if you are the same colour aura as the boost pad you hover over. I.e. A blue Aura on a blue boost and an Orange on an Orange boost. Learning to switch at the right time is the key to success.

I thought it was fun with a good sense of speed, and the Joy-Con controls felt great. I will definitely pick this up when I finally get a Nintendo Switch.
C:\Users\J\Downloads\Real McCoy - Another Night-U.S. Album\screen_01.jpg
C:\Users\J\Downloads\Real McCoy - Another Night-U.S. Album\screen_04.jpg
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_154143.jpg
9. See you on the Other Side

C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_141446.jpg

This 1st person puzzle game plays with conventions by making it so you can pass through objects by moving through shadows

The game is very atmospheric and has its own distinctive art style, which is mostly black and white which fits in well with the light and shadows theme.

It requires some thought to progress from place to place.

For example if a well lit wall is blocking your path you can move an item to cast a shadow over it so you can walk through. 


Most puzzles aren't this easy however and it is definitely a game for fans who like to think outside the box. 

Some of the more difficult puzzles require you to move lights or other objects around and to consider how to get around the fact that the range of light or length of a shadow is insufficient.

Solving a particular challenging section does give a great feeling of relief and satisfaction.

8. Yooka-Laylee
For Nintendo Switch, X Box One, PS4
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_142116.jpg
This is the much hyped 3D platformer developed by a bunch of ex Rare developers. If you picture N64 nostalgia and Banjo Kazooie in your head, you would be quite close to what the game looks and feels like. 

C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_142244.jpg

You control a chameleon called Yooka and a bat called Laylee who helps you fly short distances.  You can attack enemies by spinning and jumping.



It was pretty fun exploring and it was pretty easy to get to grips with the controls. Character designs are colourful and charming.


7. Little Nightmares
For X Box One, PS4
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_131556.jpg
This was a creepy puzzler where you appear to control a small child who is required to escape his room by using the objects around him.

C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_163918.jpg
Because you are small relative to your surroundings, simple tasks such as opening a door requires you to move objects like a suitcase around, to stand on, so you can reach the door handle.

I like the nightmarish atmosphere and look the game gave off.


6. Battalion 1944
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_160728.jpg
This was a top secret unreleased game from Square Enix. No photos were permitted so sadly I can’t share any screenshots with you guys.

The queue was massive so originally I thought I would give this one a miss; however towards the end of the day it did die down, so in the end I did manage to have a go. 

C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_163536.jpg

The game is essentially a 1st person perspective shooter similar to Call of Duty set during World War 2.

The mode that I played was a 4 on 4 team battle; Germans vs. Americans.

The battle environment was in and around a house and barn. A map showed you where you were in relation to the other players. Graphics were excellent and the shooting mechanics felt smooth and satisfying.

Unfortunately I am terrible at games like these so I died a lot.

It was fun but I’m not sure how different it is to other games of the same genre.

To Be Continued (Part 29)............

"Stay Frosty"

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