☆ Pang Man Part 29 - The Top 10 Games at EGX Rezzed (5 to 1) ☆

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In my previous article I covered numbers 10 to 6 of the Best Video Games that I played at EGX Rezzed 2017.
Today I will be counting down from 5 to 1, so here we go….
5. Inops
For Androd, IOS
thumb image
This was a fantastic puzzle game where the aim of the game is to guide an Inop (or mini ball) through the level without dying.
I played the I-pad version of the game and you use tilt motion to move the Inop around the screen.
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_135730.jpg
Inops can join with other Inops along the way which you can join together to make a big Inop or split them apart if necessary.
It was fun and the controls were spot on. I loved the design and colour scheme and it was the kind of game that would be ideal in short bursts when travelling on the move
C:\Users\J\Downloads\Real McCoy - Another Night-U.S. Album\Screenshot_20170118-155235-2.png
C:\Users\J\Downloads\Real McCoy - Another Night-U.S. Album\Screenshot_20170118-160004-2.png
C:\Users\J\Downloads\Real McCoy - Another Night-U.S. Album\Screenshot_20170118-155536-2.png

4. Sonic Mania
For Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
For those disappointed with the various incarnations of Sonic The Hedgehog since the Megadrive (Sega Genesis) days, this is the game for you.

Back to its 2D roots with levels design and graphics similar to its heyday.

C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_155923.jpg

I had a quick go and played the new Studiopolis Zone. Within minutes I was spinning and jumping and collecting rings like the days of old.

For sheer nostalgia it is hard to beat. If you love classic Sonic you will not be disappointed.



3. Persona 5
For Playstation 4
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_143425.jpg
I covered this game in a previous article, but to summarise this is a great RPG, with fantastic characters, story and design.
Highly recommended!
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_144145.jpg
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_144713_001.jpg
2. MetaMorph Dungeon
For Steam
This is a top down dungeon crawler where you control a character that can morph (I,e transform from one character to another).
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_172903.jpg
C:\Users\J\Desktop\EGX Rezzed\20170330_172858.jpg
The brilliance of this game mechanic is that you have to chose carefully (and quickly) when and which character to morph into. For example if you want to move fast or avoid attacks, morphing into the Rabbit is key, but once you are closely surrounded by enemies morphing  into an Ogre has an advantage in terms of damage and the range of attack.
Alternatively transforming into a fire nymph comes in handy when you are dealing with Ice enemies.
I wasn’t particularly good at the game at first but once I grasped the mechanics it was incredibly satisfying when you got the morphing right.
In order to survive you couldn’t just rely on staying with one character, especially given the sheer volume of enemies on screen.
Being fluid with your transformations was the key to being successful.
I spoke to the developer and he said that when the final game is completed you will have a choice of up to 10 characters to morph into; he also you would be able to level up abilities.
Meta Morph is an extremely entertaining game and overall I was very impressed.
1. Aperion Cyberstorm
For Steam and Wii U
This was my favourite game that I played at EGX Rezzed. This is a sideways twin stick shooter where you control a fighter and have to get through an absolute onslaught of enemies. The mechanics are fairly intuitive; you move using one thumbstick and shoot in any direction with the other.
You can assign 2 special abilities to the trigger buttons and away you go.
I played a good 20 minutes or so in the campaign mode and it was an absolute blast.
The game is full of nonstop action and it was a frantic challenge to avoid getting hit. Enemies were varied and were distinctive in terms of design and attacks. There was never a dull moment.
Maybe it is the retro gamer in me that fondly remembers the R-types and UN Squadron games of old, but I was absolutely in love with this game.
The graphics were a distinctive Neon style and the sound effects were satisfying.
I could have played for a few more hours easily. I spoke to one of the developers and I was informed that there is a 5 local multi player option and that all modes were playable in 5 players including the campaign mode!
There is even a versus mode in 5 player, should you wish to challenge your mates.

What impressed me the most however was that they had customised this mode.
Apparently you are able to tailor the types of weapons available, so if you don’t like a weapon you can turn it off so no one can use it.
For someone like me who is still frustrated by the lack of customisation in Mario Kart Battle mode, this shows an impressive amount of pre thinking.
You can also have team vs. team, or play survival mode instead.
This game really hits all the right notes; a great campaign, multiplayer options in all modes, and fully customisable battle mode.
All in all, Aperion Cyberstorm is a real gem of a game. It may not have fancy 3D graphics of the big budget titles, but it is very, very, very fun!
I can’t wait to get this when it is released on Steam (or Wii U)
Pang Man

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