☆ Do The Ultimate Video Game Collector Shelves Exist? ☆

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I’ve been sitting here thinking about what products would make a video game collectors life that bit easier and also what are the most common problems for a collector of video games.

The recurring theme I seem to come across is the need to store a whole library of video games and video games related magazines and books.

This got me thinking and I was sure that there must be something out there that has been purpose built to solve this video gamer problem.

Quite a few google searches later and I have only managed to uncover homemade efforts but no ‘off the shelf’ solution that fits the bill (excuse that pun)

When you think about it, there are so many different types of retro gaming media types that it would be a furniture makers dream to supply a base unit that could be added to depending on what types of video game media you want to store.

My idea is that everyone would purchase the same standard wooden bookshelf style base unit which would consist of around six shelves in height.

Then dependant on your collection you could add in modular plastic inserts to the shelves which would accommodate the separate types of media neatly and display them in an optimal manner.

The types of plastic shelving inserts you could buy would be:

1.       Cassette Tape (Single)
2.       Cassette Tape (Double)
3.       Atari 2600 Boxed
4.       Atari 2600 Loose
5.       Atari 5200 Boxed
6.       Atari 5200 Loose
7.       Atari 7800 Boxed
8.       Atari 7800 Loose
9.       NES Carts Boxed
10.   NES Carts Loose
11.   SMS Carts Boxed
12.   SMS Carts Loose
13.   SNES Carts Boxed
14.   SNES Carts Loose
15.   MD Carts Boxed
16.   MD Carts Loose
17.   N64 Carts Boxed
18.   N64 Carts Loose
19.   Saturn Boxed
20.   Dreamcast Boxed
21.   DVD Box Insert (PS2, Gamecube etc)
22.   Console Signage (Nintendo, SEGA, Playstation etc)
23.   Upright Magazine Storage Boxes (Store up to 10 or so magazines in each box)
24.   Game A-Z signage

Just doing that quick bit of working out equates to 24 different variations without even looking at the handhelds (Gameboy, Gamegear, Lynx etc!)

Just imagine how cool it would be to build a modular shelving solution in your gaming den that grows with your collection and looks cool too.

I like the idea of having the signage above each section of shelves to point out what’s contained on those shelves and also being a tidy OCD freak I like the idea of the A-Z markers for a nice tidy alphabetically ordered collection.

Magazines have always been a storage problem for me and currently, they live in a series of boxes hiding in the dark. I’d love to have them on shelves where I can get at them whilst also maintaining their pristine condition. This solution would enable me to do that and also build up a nice tidy library of video games magazine awesomeness.

There’s definitely a market there for this kind of solution. On the face of it, it would appear that the solution would be pretty straight forward and it would have the potential to standardise how people collect and store their video game collection.

Maybe it could even be called Games Freezer shelving?

Anyway, that’s enough daydreaming on my part.

Would YOU Buy A Shelving Solution That Is Specifically Aimed At Video Gamers?

Do YOU Think This Is A Good idea?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box below…

"Stay Frosty"

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