☆ Pang Man Part 27 - Persona 5, Hands On first impressions at EGX Rezzed! ☆

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On Thursday I took the day off work to check out the Video Games Exhibition known as EGX Rezzed. Located in Tobacco Dock near Wapping in London, it was pretty easy to get to, just a short journey on the DLR.

I was super excited to go. A day of playing new unreleased games, I mean what's not to like!

The sensible thing, of course, would have been for me to plan what I was going to see in some sort of strategic fashion. However, instead, I kind of ambled around trying out video games that caught my eye. 

Despite it being a Thursday it was pretty much packed with people and was much more crowded than I had anticipated. However, undeterred I set out on a mission to make the most of my time there.

I hate queuing ages for anything, even if it is to play a game. But sometimes even I make an exception for a truly exciting release. In this case, it was Persona 5.

This game isn't out until the 4th of April,  so I was truly stoked to get some time to check it out in person ahead of its official release date. 

The waiting time was about 20 minutes but it was well worth my patience. 

What I loved was that were giving each gamer around 45 minutes of play time. This was awesome as it allowed me to really experience the game, which I wouldn't have been able to do, had it been a quick 10-minute demo instead.

I must admit I hadn't played any of the previous games in the series but I am certainly a fan after my experience. 

The game is a mixture of anime storytelling, RPG-like choices and combat action. Graphics were bright and colourful. 

The story is set in a Japanese high school where you overhear a female student being harassed by a teacher. The game gets straight into the nitty gritty of this premise and the story had me hooked. 

The characters were designed well and I was eager to find out who was responsible and how we could help.

Interactions between characters were interesting and I wondered how my choice of response affected the story.

The voice acting was dubbed in English which I usually hate, (I normally prefer the Japanese voices) but in this case, I thought the voices really suited the cast and were a credit to the game.

The game honestly feels like 2 games in 1. Half of Persona 5 is an Action/fighting based game set in an alternative bizarro world, whilst the other half focuses on storytelling, relationship building and exploration in the real world.

Combat is turn-based, similar to a few RPG's you may have experienced in the past. You are able to use guns or weapon attacks or magic attacks. 

I managed to get through fights relatively unscathed. But I feel that I have only just scratched the surface of being able to realise the full potential of the combat system.

When I got to the 45-minute mark I was disappointed I couldn't keep going as I was desperate to find out where the story goes next. The characters are certainly memorable and are well designed.

Persona 5 is out on 04/04/17 and is on my need to buy list. 

Definitely, a game that deserves the Freezer Thumbs up!

"Stay Frosty"

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