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After hearing a video games discussion on the Giant Bomb Beast cast all about Lightguns it got me thinking about how today’s video games generally don’t necessitate the need for these cool peripherals and how over the years I have played with a fair few awesome lightguns.

Here just for you are my PERSONAL TOP 10 Lightguns that I have had the pleasure to play with…
1.       Atari XG1 – Atari XEGS

Packed in with Bug Hunt this was my first foray into Lightgun territory.

2.       NES Zapper – Nintendo Entertainment System

The perfect companion to Duck Hunt and the ideal way to show off your NES to your mates.

3.       Konami Justifier – Super Nintendo / SEGA MD

Built for Lethal Enforcers, this is a cool looking bright coloured lightgun.

4.       GUNCON – PlayStation

Considered to be one of the best lightguns of all time, this beaut was a pleasure to play Time Crisis and Point Blank with.

5.       SEGA Phaser – SEGA Master System

Not many great lightgun games were on the SMS but if you were going to play anything, it had to be Operation Wolf!

6.       The SEGA Menacer – SEGA Mega Drive

SEGA’s response the Super Scope but without any decent games to back it up so it is considered a flop.

7.       Dreamcast Light Gun – SEGA Dreamcast

A must have peripheral if you want to play the awesome Virtua Cop 2

8.       Magnum Light Phaser – ZX Spectrum

Again there weren’t many supported games that utilised the Magnum but it looked cool!

9.       Super Scope – Super Nintendo

The Super Scope is a beast. It’s like having a scaffolding pipe on your shoulder while playing a video game.

10.   Wii Zapper – Nintendo Wii

This for me felt right and enhanced the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo no end. Resident Evil IV + Wii Zapper = Perfection.

What's YOUR Favourite Video Game Lightgun?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below...

"Stay Frosty"

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