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On 28th May 2017 I reached 1000 followers on Instagram.

I was shocked by this as I thought that this would not happen. So I would like to thank the followers for their help and support.

To mark this achievement I would like to tell my story for how I got into Instagram.

It all started in 2015. My nephew was talking about Instagram and snap chat. At the time I didn't really know much about Instagram or snap chat and I wasn’t really into social media. The only thing I had for social media purposes was WhatsApp. My nephew was explaining to me what Instagram was, how it works and how professional companies use it to promote their businesses.

When he was talking about it and showing me and my brother this gave me an idea for setting up a games page on Instagram.

So that evening I was thinking about it. An idea came to mind of doing something on games as that is my interest. I wanted something unique as I have seen the pages on Instagram, which show just pictures of the games consoles and games. Then an idea came to my head to give tips and cheats for retro games as I play them quite regularly.
So then I went with that idea but the next step was coming up with a name. The name I wanted was gamecheats but that was taken. Then I thought of gamecheats87. That was taken as well so then a suggestion came up with game_cheats87. I thought this was good and took the name. The reason why I used 87 was because that was the year I was born.
After the name was sorted out I was now thinking about my first post. Then I thought to post the cheat for Alex Kidd in Miracle world as my first post as this was the first game I played. On May 26th, 2015 my first post was officially LIVE.
On that day I put up 10 posts. I put up cheats for the following games.
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SNES)
Aladdin (Mega Drive)
The Revenge of Shinobi (Mega Drive)
Mortal Kombat II (Mega Drive)
Action Fighter (Master System)
The other posts were adverts for Street Fighter 2 and a screenshot of a hacked version of Street Fighter 2.
At the time I was not clued up about the hashtags. The only hashtag I would use was my Instagram name which was game_cheats87 and the name of the game.

A few days or weeks went by and I received no likes or comments. I would check every day to see if anyone made a comment or like for my photos and I received nothing. So then I decided to put a few more posts up of my PlayStation consoles and cheats for games. After putting up the posts I still received nothing in the way of likes or comments.
I was looking at other peoples Instagram accounts and see that they got many likes and followers and I started thinking about what I was doing wrong.
I was about to give up using Instagram and thinking that Instagram wasn’t for everyone. I was about to close the account until someone liked my photos, made comments on my photos and also followed me. This person gave me very useful tips on how to use Instagram and I think without this person I would have closed my account long ago.

The persons Instagram name is art_spot_light

I still remember the tips this person gave me. Use hashtags, follow others and put posts up daily. I followed those tips and now I have more than 1000 followers and also have my own section for writing blogs on thethrowbackgamer website.
I would like to thank Lee who is the owner of thethrowbackgamer for giving me a section on his website for writing blogs. I would like to thank Richard from Games Freezer for allowing me to write blogs on his site. Also I would like to thank Sarah who is the owner of the Gameleaks website for allowing me to write blogs on her website. She is also known as sarahsgamecollection on Instagram.
Also I would like to thank my nephew for giving me the idea for Instagram and also like to thank the followers for your support in following my page.
I have started doing videos on YouTube about my gaming adventure. Please take a look when you can.
If you do something from the heart you will see the rewards and you will see doors open to you that you ever knew that where there.
Thanks for reading
Presented by: Imraan Nazir
Instagram @game_cheats87


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