☆ Ben Steele's Video Games Memories "Karnov & That Damn Duck Hunt Dog!" ☆

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When I find myself with uninterrupted time to play video games I always find myself returning to my old classics, games I’ve played hundreds of times even when I have new games not even opened from their wrapping waiting to be played on the latest consoles.

Although I do love new games they just don’t excite me like the old ones.

Is it an age thing?

Is it the memories the games release hidden in the depths of my subconscious or are they just better more enjoyable games?
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I mean my earliest gaming memory was receiving an Atari 2600 from my uncle and my brother getting an Amstrad 464 plus. I spent countless hours on Pitfall, Pacman and Yar’s Revenge amongst others. I often forget how blessed we are with loading times these days.

On a weekend if I wanted to play a game on the Amstrad the first thing I did when I woke was turn it on and start to load a game as they took so long. I had time to have breakfast and a shower before it had even half loaded! I used to love Karnov and he was even used as a boss in one of my favourite arcade games Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja!

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager was another favourite of mine worth the load. But as I got older I bought a NES and was blown away by the colours, graphics and no load times.

Being the younger sibling I had to be Luigi of course but that only helped build a strong bond between us that peaked at Luigi’s Mansion! (Side note the GameCube came out near my birthday and my mum allowed me the day off school and took me to toys r us to buy one! Go, mum!)

In Super Mario Bros I was amazed how a random jump could unearth a hidden block, which produced an extra life mushroom, or a beanstalk!  I did use to cheat at Duck Hunt and hold the gun too close to screen and no matter how I tried I just couldn’t kill that damn dog! (Not that I don’t like dogs I love them, I even have one who I adore!) Just why couldn’t he be more helpful like Dogmeat instead he chose to mock me after every turn I missed those infernal ducks!

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I eventually got a mega drive with the usual suspect’s sonic games, Alex Kidd, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe etc. One gem I did play a lot was Ultimate Soccer. My brother and I used to play for hours on it especially on the indoor mode (how cool was that!).

Image result for sega soccer angus

I think this was the first football game that really ignited our competitive streak, which carried over to Super Soccer and ISS Deluxe on the SNES! The last football game that grabbed our attention till the early hours even though were grown men was Sega soccer slam for the GameCube. I would always be team Tsunami and my brother team Volta. Man, I hated Angus as he scored goal after goal against me then I had to sit through his awful celebration!

My favourite console, which is a very hard choice to make but one which I am sure you can all appreciate, is the SNES purely for the fact that it has some of the all-time greats on it.

Mario Kart, Super Mario world, Smash TV, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. For me the best version of SimCityy, Starfox, Super Metroid, Street fighter 2, The Chaos Engine, Flashback, Secret of Mana and my favourite game of all time a game which for me is perfection Legend Of Zelda: A link to the past.

The list of great gaming titles could go on and on. I mean look at that map it’s a thing of beauty, a master piece any renaissance artist would be proud of! It’s not the only map I love but it is my favourite.  

Image result for alttp map

So this is why when I get the time to game I pull out all things retro and relive my youth although after the amount of times I have played these games I am now reliving my adulthood too!

Written By Ben Steele


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