☆ Review: Bouncy Hoops "Feel The Rush Of A Buzzer Beater!" ☆

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I don’t usually do reviews for mobile video games but this one has got me hooked and it is done so well that I feel that I need to talk about it.

I was looking for a basketball game that was easy to play on mobile but at the same time gave me the NBA JAM feels.

My search was looking futile and then I came across Bouncy Hoops on the App Store and I looked at the graphics and knew I needed to give it a go.
The pixel art style graphics are right up my street as it gave me the 90’s video game vibe I was looking for.

When you start playing the game you are quickly introduced to the mechanic that is familiar to all those people who played Flappy Bird (remember that game?)
You are required to tap the screen to move your ball from one side of the screen and then through the hoop.

As always this sounds simple but in practice, it takes skill and concentration to get a decent high score.

With each basket scored the basket moves to the opposite side of the screen for you to repeat the feat. When it moves though it will be at a different height so you will need to consider this on each go and adjust your ball tapping accordingly.

The ball physics in this game are spot on. It really does feel like you have control over the ball and a longer press gives the ball more of a boost as opposed to a quick tap.

Once you get into a rhythm you can build up combos. If you build a combo of 5 baskets in a row then the ball will go on fire and the combo multiplier kicks in, In order to get the ball on fire you will need 5 baskets that are either Clean Shots (don’t touch the side of the ring), Off The Board (ball bounces in off the backboard), High Shot (ball goes off screen in the air and then straight into the hoop) or a Buzzer Beater (a shot that creeps into the net after the buzzer has sounded).

The buzzer beater shot is the thing that gets your blood pumping and has you yelling in delight at your phone as you see your ball sneak in with a lucky bounce.
That feeling was the NBA JAM feeling I was looking for when I was searching for a good game and that’s one of the things that keeps me hooked on this very simple but well-made game.

There are two modes to select from the start menu. Arcade, which enables you to potentially play forever but only if you keep making baskets before the buzzer sounds.

Each time you make a basket then the buzzer refills. Then there is time mode which is simply a minute dash to score the most baskets that you can in that minute.

Within each mode, there are coins to collect which enable you to eventually open a chest. Within those chests are various different basketballs that you can choose to play within each mode.

The backgrounds are worth a mention too as you can unlock new ones as you proceed through the game. The backgrounds actually have a StreetFighterII vibe to them as they have a constantly cheering set of dudes and gals cheering your b-ball skills.

It is also worth mentioning that the ad Integration is non-intrusive. It’s always down to you when you want to view an ad and it’s never forced upon you. Viewing an ad gives you extra coins and is also an option if you have gone on a long streak (over 100) and then want a chance to continue. In my opinion, it has been cleverly integrated into the video game mechanics to make it feel that these are not being forced upon you or interrupting the game flow.

Overall this game is the ideal companion to any 20 minutes of boredom that you may be experiencing. It brings a smile to my face whenever I play it and it’s brilliantly well made in the way it captures the 90’s video game and NBA JAM era and is complete with its own pared down commentator too (no boom shaka laka unfortunately)

I’d say download it and play it today to see if you can beat my High Scores: Arcade Best 197 Time Best 78.


Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Just Falls Short Of Greatness)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

Game Link: iOS App Store / Google Play

Dev Link: Noodlecake Studios


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