☆ That Elusive SNES Mini Has A Massive Amount Of Awesome Games! ☆ #Retrogaming

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It's real......

It's happening.....

It's probably already SOLD OUT!

BUT Let's salivate over the video games that will be packaged into this SNES MINI MARVEL!

Let's do this!

The SNES Classic will come packaged with 21 on board games from the golden era of the Super Nintendo.

Every game is a cracker so let's have a look shall we?

And for the first time ever you will get to play.....

You gotta agree that this lineup is a formidable beast of a lineup with no real weak links.

I'd say that my TOP 5 out of these 21 would have to be....

1. Super Mario Kart

2. Super Mario World

3. Street Fighter 2 : TURBO

4. Super Metroid

5. The Legend Of Zelda : A Link To The Past

Just those 5 games alone are worth shelling out the cash for one of these beauties.

It's such a shame that Nintendo haven't mentioned anything about being able to download further titles from an online service.....

Just imagine that!! 


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