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It's back for its sixth year and did you know it's the UK's longest running retro expo?

The PLAY team have somehow managed to cram in more than ever before so let's take a look at what is in store for you this year...
The legendary publisher System 3 will be hosting a panel at PLAY Expo Blackpool this July. 

System 3 founder Mark Cale will be joining us with several other System 3 developers to talk about their time in the industry. 

With hits such as The Last Ninja, Myth, International Karate, Putty, Constructor and Ferrari Challenge, System 3 are recognised as one of the founding pioneers of the gaming industry. 

Mark and the team will take part in a Q&A session after the talk

Former Ocean Software Director Gary Bracey will be joining us on Saturday. 

Gary will be chatting about his time at Ocean Software, throwing in some licencing anecdotes and will no doubt be name dropping some of the very interesting people he had the good fortune to meet and work with. 

He will also be talking about some of the more recent projects he has worked on and will open up a Q&A session afterwards.

Industry legend and all round good egg Jim Bagley is joining us at PLAY Expo Blackpool again this year to talk about the ZX Spectrum Next project he has been working on.

Jim will be bringing along a next console to demo at the event. Fingers and toes crossed he will have a FINAL build board to show to you all. 

After the talk Jim will take part in a Q&A about his involvement with the Spectrum Next project.

Pacman World Record holder Jon Stoodley will be attending PLAY Expo Blackpool and will be attempting to set a new Pacman World Record on the 20th Anniversary Pacman arcade machine which allows you to continue through the famous split-screen board of level 256. 

Jon will be playing over the whole weekend at PLAY Expo Blackpool to raise money for a local charity Blackpool Carers Centre. With your help, we can raise money and awareness for this special cause.

Sit-Down Outrun and After Burner Confirmed!

Blackpool is the daddy of all seaside arcades we've always paid special tribute to the classic arcade machines at this show. 

We are incredibly excited to have not one but two large hydraulic sit down cabinets from Sega in addition to the other 80 original arcade cabinets this year. 

Come and see if you still have what it takes to beat Outrun or Afterburner at PLAY Expo Blackpool!

Retro Gaming

Anyone who has been to our events before will know that we specialise in retro and we intend to bring the best retro display PLAY Expo Blackpool has ever seen – a new floorplan means we will have 20% more retro this year and over 150 consoles and computers!

Our retro zone is a timeslice of the past 40 years of games and will feature consoles, computers and handhelds celebrating some of the greatest franchises like Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter and Tomb Raider as well as some of the more unusual and rare games.

We will also have clusters of four player, single-screen games like Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros and Bomberman for classic multiplayer madness.




Get Yourself Down To The Seaside And PLAY Some Video Games!

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