☆ First Look: See you on the Other Side "Into Darkness" ☆ #GameDev

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See You on the Other Side is a game that is currently a work in progress by Danish studio Tunnel Vision Games, Pang Man was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the game in action at EGX REZZED 2017 and Tunnel Vision were kind enough to send us a test build to peruse.

The gameplay is based entirely on the conceit that shadows equal death via the medium of a long fall. Built in Unity, SYOTOS is a first-person puzzler that requires you to manipulate various light sources in order to illuminate your passage through a darkened facility.

The game favours gameplay and puzzles over narrative although even in its current state it is very atmospheric with an art style that evoked a mash-up of Frank Miller’s mostly monochrome Sin City and the Xbox / PS2 game  XIII’s comic-style sensibilities. 
The puzzles in the test build that I played ranged from simple tutorials to multi-layered complex puzzles, all the while sticking to the central theme of illuminating your passage to make your way deeper into the looming steel fortress.
SYOTOS has been in development since 2013, back when the programmers were students and the effort put into the game’s puzzles and aesthetic shines through, the short demo had a real sense of scale; eerie loneliness and hinted subtly at an overarching story which I’m intrigued to explore in the finished product. This is definitely a game for the puzzle-adventure lovers out there to keep an eye on in the coming months to see how the game fleshes out into a fully realised beast.
Release: 2018
Platforms: PC & Consoles



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