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I remember the ritual vividly...

As I was having to wait for a whole month for the next issue of Super Play there was a time when I would buy every available video game magazine to try and get my video game fix until the real deal came back in a months time. 

When that next issue of Super Play did drop into the local WH SMITH then I would pounce on it fresh out of the delivery truck. 

After consuming the likes of Control Magazine, SEGA Force, GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly and Nintendo Magazine System, Super Play was a breath of fresh air for that month. 

First was the Wil Overton cover artwork which was always stunning and iconic and truly encapsulated the mood of being a SNES owner. 

Vivid Colour & Boldness was exactly what Nintendo was all about with the 16bit SNES being the unstoppable force that it was. Then as you opened that magazine and saw the opening column from the Big Chair it was a big smile that would go across my face as I would read it from cover to cover and process every word in my mind as I went along.

For me Super Play was an education every month. I’d put aside my Saturday mornings before football to read the latest Super Play. This was the days before internet and my video games news came via Super Play and other video games magazines and nothing else. 

That was it for me and I loved it. A whole month of anticipation culminating in the cutting edge of videogames journalism. I learned about the upcoming games, the reviewed games, Manga & Anime and of course hints and tips for the latest releases. It was my go to source for deciding whether to buy a particular game and I felt like I was a part of the Super Play team as it felt like it was a bunch of mates discussing games in detail just like me and Pang Man used to at school in the 90’s.

Fast Forward to 2017 and Issue 48 of Super Play came into my life via those awesome chaps at Retro Gamer and some of the ex staff members of Super Play. To say the anticipation was massive would be a complete undertstatement.

As soon as the 7th September 2017 rolled around I was into my local WH SMITHS and I purchased that glorious Retro Gamer combo. 

When I sat down to read it that sense of happiness came flooding back from the 90’s…..

Well done Super Play and well done retro Gamer, you just made feel 12 years old again…..the power of videogames!

What's YOUR Memories Of Super Play?

Have YOU Got Issue 48 Yet?


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