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A while back there was a short YouTube video that showed a mock up of a 8bit style Stranger Things video game and the whole world went 

“oooh that looks awesome! Stranger Things would make a great video game!”

We ran an article just after that video came out which looked at TV shows that would make great games and of course Stranger Things popped up.

Now fast forward to October 2017 and there is a Stranger Things mobile game!

Naturally I was sceptical when I heard that there was a Stranger Things tie in game as these things are generally a cash in exercise or just a token marketing stunt. I had to take a look at this game and satisfy my curiosity and guess what? It’s actually a really enjoyable game!

The game itself is a Zelda style game of exploration, item collection, puzzles, light party managment and a bit of fightin’ action.

The thing that surprised me most is that the game is a proper game that doesn’t feel like a cheap bit of shovelware. It actually feels like love and care has been taken with all the little details of the series crammed into this little game. Definitely worth a mention is the music which is an awesome chiptune style rendition of the eerie musical score of the original series. The 8bit pixel art is spot on and the character representations will bring a smile to your face as you come across them as you work your way around all the familiar locations from the TV series.

I’m also loving all the collectible items hidden around the game map such as VHS videos, Eggos and I’ve also found a gnome which I can’t quite remember the significance of from the TV series.

In the game you start of as Chief Of Police Jim Hopper as you investigate the Hawkins National Laboratory to see if you can locate Lucas who has gone missing. Once you find Lucas he is then added to your party and you can switch between Hopper and Lucas dependant on the situation. Hopper is armed with BIG fists and Lucas has his trusty catapult to assist with hitting things from range. It’s intuitively easy to switch between characters with a quick tap of an on screen icon which makes switching feel natural to the game flow.

The controls are touch screen oriented and work like a dream as your chosen character responds immediately to any action. It’s a joy to play a mobile game that knows it’s a mobile game and behaves accordingly.

The thing with this game is that it is FREE. Not FREEMIUM but good old fashioned FREE! If you are a Stranger Things fan or a retro gaming fan then you need to download this game to your phone, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

An added bonus to the main game is the ability to enjoy additional Stranger Things season 2 trailer content once you have completed the game. This content is available in the Hawkins Cinema on the game map. It’s little touches like that which make this simple but lovingly crafted game a pleasure to play.

Right, I’m off to find a Hazmat suit and head into the Upside Down, wish me 8bit luck!

Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Just Falls Short Of Greatness)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

Game Link: iOS / GooglePlay
Dev Link: BonusXP

 Review By Rich

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