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Who Here Would Love To See A NEW One Off Special Issue Of Mean Machines Magazine?

Well ever since the special edition of Super Play 48 came out with Retro Gamer Magazine I have dreamed of a Mean Machines equivalent.

Julian "Jaz" Rignall has commented on Twitter that he would be interested in doing it if only he could step round the EMAP Copyright stuff.

So just for fun I have mocked up a Mean Machines Kickstarter....

Would YOU Back It?

What’s This Kickstarter Campaign All About?
First off, I’d like to thank you for stopping by & let you know that even if you can’t financially back this project, backing it by posting about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus or on the toilet wall is also greatly appreciated.

The retrogaming community is a great bunch and I know that everyone who loves retro games love to talk and share stuff like this with one another all the time.

This Kickstarter Campaign is aiming to bring back the legendary 90’s Mean Machines Video Games Magazine for one special issue (Issue 25) and trying to bring back as many of the original staff as possible (including Julian “Jaz” Rignall).

Hopefully this will  introduce the wonder of Mean Machines back into video games lovers lives and maybe expose younger gamers to the beauty of a printed video games magazine with heart and soul.

Why Mean Machines?
Video Games magazines have been a passion in my life since the early 90’s.

My collection began with Mean Machines Issue 7 with The Simpsons on the front cover and from that moment on I was madly in love with Mean Machines and any other kind of video games magazine I could lay my hands on.

The thing is, none of these other video games magazines out there at the time could come anywhere near to the sheer joy and enthusiasm that bursts from the pages of Mean Machines (Super Play came close though)

To this day the pages of this awesome magazine we called Mean Machines bring that smile back to my face and a warm glow to my body. That feeling is nostalgia and it’s strong!

So strong that I have spent a good few years completing my collection via the wonder of eBay. My collection is original Mean Machines only and I cut off the collection after the magazine split into two after issue 24 (Mean Machines SEGA and Nintendo Magazine System were born at this point)

I now own every issue of original Mean Machines including the reproduction version of Issue 0 and the Mean Machines 1-5 bookazine and they are my most prized possessions.

I run a website called Games Freezer (www.gamesfreezer.eu) which I created in 2013 and primarily the site focuses on retrogaming and indie gaming and has numerous articles declaring my love for video games magazines and especially Mean Machines.

This idea to resurrect Mean Machines originally came to me after listening to an interview with Julian “Jaz” Rignall on the awesome retro gaming podcast Maximum Power Up. Jaz mentioned that he might be interested in resurrecting Mean Machines and from that moment on the cogs in my head whirred.

Meanwhile Retrogamer had a similar idea and launched an amazing one off special 48th edition of Super Play Magazine alongside the main Retro Gamer Magazine and I was in seventh heaven. This really brought back my desire to start this project off and is why I stand before you today as I try to Kick Off this Kickstarter.

What was so good about Mean Machines?
Mean Machines always felt like it was run by a few video games mad mates who would be playing video games for 3 weeks solid and then spent a week writing about them and frantically putting across their passion for the games in question. It captured that feeling perfectly and made the reader feel like they were part of the Mean Machines club.

That was achieved through an awesome team of writers headed up by Julian “Jaz” Rignall. Jaz was ‘the voice’ of Mean Machines and someone who graced our television screens a fair bit in the 90’s when he would appear on the equally legendary Games Master.

Underpinning the writing was the sense of humour that came across in the magazine. The magazine wasn’t stale journalism it was vibrant youthful exuberance that bestowed the joy of video games to its readership.

The section of the Magazine I loved most were the reviews. The reviews were thorough and fair and featured review summaries from 2 writers rather than just the one. This made for a valuable piece of information when looking what game to buy next in the world pre internet. The caricature pictures of each of the writers, coupled with the brilliant ratings system made for the most reliable and in depth reviews around at the time.
Add to that the in jokes that the reader was a part of, the awesome Mean Yob who approached reader letters in a way never seen before and Hints and Tips section that was unrivalled at the time and you had the recipe for the perfect video games magazine.

How Do You Propose To Bring Back Mean Machines?
With your help and pledges I aim to bring together as many of the original Mean Machines team as possible in order to create and then publish a one off Mean Machines magazine which will cover a mix of new and old video games and bring back the best features of Mean Machines.

What Can I Do To Help You Bring Back Mean Machines?
STEP 1: Share This Campaign On Social Media and Talk About It With Your Gamer Friends.

STEP 2: Pledge to the Kickstarter Campaign and Choose Your Reward Level.

STEP 3: Sit back and wait for Mean Machines to drop through your letterbox for one last time.

There You Go.....Hopefully You Would Back This Campaign If It Ever Materialised.

Let Me Know What YOU Think In The Comments Box Below


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