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Imagine if you were to create the ultimate video game version of Street Fighter.

Just sit there and think about it for a minute...

There have been around 21 proper Street Fighter games spanning from 1987 to 2017 and outside of the core fighting experience, there have also been other spin-off games as well as the VS series of games as well.

With so many great games to choose from it would be a real challenge to piece together elements of these great games into the ultimate version of Street Fighter.

I was inspired by a discussion on Episode 506 of the Giant Bomb Cast where they talked about the certain pros and cons of the series down the years and it meant that’s all I could think about for the rest of the day so I thought I’d better write a blog post about and commit my Ultimate Street Fighter choices to the Games Freezer.

As per the discussion on the BombCast the elements of the Ultimate Street Fighter Frankenstein will be made up of the following 5 categories:

1. Roster/Cast

2. Art/Graphics

3. Gameplay

4. Music


Taking all of the above into consideration with around 21 games to look at is a big task, to say the least, but I am up to the task in hand think I have nailed the ultimate version of Street Fighter.

Take a look and let me know if you agree…

1. Roster/Cast – Super Street Fighter II

SSFII has got 16 of the most iconic characters ever to grace a fighting game. Start with 8 characters from the original SFII, then add the 4 bosses and then layer on top of them 4 more truly memorable and solid characters in the form of Fei Long, Cammy, T-Hawk and Deejay and you then have the perfect character roster that could grace any video game past or present.

2. Art/Graphics – Street Fighter Alpha III

The beauty of the pixel art graphics and the vivid colour sets make this the most striking version of SF in my opinion. It was a close call between Alpha III and Street Fighter III but Alpha just about got the nod ahead of its stablemate. You can’t argue with the beauty of this video game.

3. Gameplay – Street Fighter II: Turbo Edition

For me, the original SFII games were the truly perfect games in terms of gameplay as the original formula was refined time and time again until I think the gameplay got perfected in Turbo Edition. It felt good to play with familiar characters but with the speed and difficulty turned up a notch or two in order to create the perfect balance and challenge and reward. This was brought back home to me, even more, when I got stuck into Turbo on the SNES Classic and it all came flooding back to me.

4. Music – Street Fighter II: Championship Edition

The music for each stage is engrained into my brain. I find myself saying “Round 1 Fight” and humming the stage tune whenever anyone mentions the name of an SF character. The music lives on so vividly to this very day and I still own the CD of the music from the game that was given away with an issue of Nintendo Magazine System back in the early 90’s. The music was the soundtrack to my youth as I battled away in my bedroom trying to complete the game with every character in the game.

5. Announcer – Street Fighter III: Third Strike

The announcer from Third Strike has a serious intensity to it that wraps you up in the moment and focuses you on the f1ght in hand. I was tempted to include the SFII announcer but the lines weren’t a patch on the later iterations of the announcers' role although the SFII announcer does hold a special place in my heart as I say JA-PAN and BRA-ZIL exactly like him in real life J

That’s my ultimate combination of Street Fighters to make the greatest version ever assembled.

Could you do any better?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below



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