☆ Rocket Ranger Blasts Onto It'sVery Own Collector's Edition! ☆ #Retrogaming #DosGames #Amiga

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Rocket Ranger Gets It's Own

Extended Collector´s Edition  release!


Here's some cool news for you all....
Rocket Ranger is out in a physical collectors edition version!

It's Ready to ship for $44.95 and comes with a heap of awesome stuff!
You'll get the following versions: Amiga 
Amiga CD32
C64 Version
DOS Version
Nes Version
Apple II Version
Atari ST Version
FM -TOWNS Version.

That's a definitive set of  versions just for starters...
All versions will run on PC and MAC and also on Amiga CD32 / Amiga
Your box of Rocket Ranger goodies contains both the US and European Version of the game
Throw into the mix a 7″ Vinyl with orchestral theme music on Side A and Side B with a nice Remix
Put up your very own Rocket Ranger Poster in your video games den!
What about an awesome Blueprint Poster too...
Not satisfied with all that? 
You'll also get cool Rocket Ranger Stickers and Postcards and this all comes in an iconic "BIG BOX" package!
You can't really argue with this retrogaming goodness, so I think you should head right over to the site and get it ordered right up!
Order it right now here:


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