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Those lovely people at Prima Games are constantly spoiling gamers with their awesome array of game guides and console accompaniment books.

When the NES Classic came out Prima lavished gamers with a nostalgic masterpiece which looked back at the NES Classic games with love and attention to detail. 

That book is a must in your collection if you can get your hands on one do it now! www.amazon.com

Now the SNES Classic has landed and we’re all going Super Nintendo Super Crazy the Prima Games guys have followed up the NES book with an awesome SNES book.

Here at the Games Freezer we have been lucky enough to be sent a collectors edition of the book to take a look at and I can confirm it does not disappoint.

This book acts as a homage to the grey machine that ruled the world in the 90’s. In fact it would appear that this 16 bit powerhouse still rules the world and will always be in gamers hearts as video gamers far and wide still go crazy to get their hands on a SNES classic.

The book itself is jam packed with game info, rarely seen art and a whole host of love for the SNES.

It’s a meaty hardback book and the collectors edition comes with a lovely protective outer sleeve depicting the SNES logo nicely while offering protection for this SNES Opus.

It’s a classic coffee table book and will look great in your games room of your choice.

The book brings together a celebration of the Super Nintendo in all its 16-bit prowess whilst also letting you discover  everything you’ve always wanted to know about the 21 SNES classic games bundled onto the mini grey box of joy.

It also interestingly takes a look at the SNES legacy and how it has left its mark on the gaming industry and continues to do so.

Throw in a section that covers fan art, music, and more, and you get the perfect love letter to the SNES from people who adore the console.

There’s even speed running from the best speed runners around as they share their tips and strategies for top speed runs if that’s your thing.

If like me you love a video game book (I  like smelling the pages, am I weird?) then you will just have to purchase this 320 pages of video games perfection.

Right I’m off to fail miserably in my attempted Contra III speed run, now if only I could get past the first level and those damn devil dogs!


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