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After playing through the 21 great video games included on the Nintendo SNES Classic I thought it would be a good idea to do 21 reviews of those great games.

It seemed like a good idea at first but then I tried condensing my thoughts into 140 characters and I regretted it instantly!

Anyway, here’s my series mini SNES mini-reviews for your perusal…

1. “Contra III is tougher than tough and really punishes you for being anything but perfect. A game for run n gun masochists who like to fail and fail again”

2. “Super Mario Kart is still the best Mario Kart ever made and has given me more fun in the last 2 weeks than I have had in the last 2 years. Battle Mode is perfect. Play it today and don’t delay!”

3. “Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past is a game that can lose yourself in for an evening as you are transported to this far-flung world full of wonder and awe. Still looks as beautiful as it did in 1991!”

4. “Super Punch-Out was a game I never played back in 1994 and I have been surprised at how much of a thinking man's game it actually is. Learn those patterns, exploit those weaknesses and win those belts!”

5. “Street Fighter II: Turbo is a masterpiece of fighting perfection. I played this game to within an inch of its life in 1992 and upon picking up the controller again in 2017 its as though I’d never been away.”

6. “Super Mario World is the template from which all subsequent platform games would be judged. It still remains an example of a perfect video game and is still as fresh as it was in 91”

7. “F-Zero is showing its age as a game that was for me a tech demo which missed out on 2 player gaming and is worse for it all these years later. It’s fast but maybe not as fun as it used to be”

8. “Super Metroid is a game that everybody should play to experience the atmosphere and perfect controls from a perfect game. I came late to this game but it has never left me since”

9. “Yoshi’s Island makes me smile from minute 1 and the art style is awesome. If you l0ve Super Mario World then you’ll adore Yoshi’s Island (apart from the crying Mari0s”

10. “Super Ghouls N Ghosts is as tough as it was back in 91 as it is now. The game will chew you up and spit you out. I’m still trying to work out how I completed it back in the day!”

11. "Super Castlevania IV is the finest example of a traditional Platformer based Castlevania title and is still just as awesome and frustrating to play"

12. "Donkey Kong Country hasn't aged to well in the visuals department but I gotta admit this is still a whole heap of platforming fun with plenty of monkeying around!" 

13. "Mega Man X is a perfect example of NES Mega Man gameplay with SNES visuals to create one of the finest looking and playing Mega Mans ever released and it still looks and plays lovely today"

14. " Kirby Super Star is the best Kirby game ever released. It's a Kirby fans dream full of neat ideas and even though it's on the easy side you will enjoy ever last pink drop of this Kirby smoothie!"

15. "Final Fantasy III is a magical experience and retains all of the charm that it exuded back in 1994. It's a fine example of what a great Final Fantasy game is when you boil it down to its purest form"

16. "Kirby's Dream Course twists the way we think of  golf games and adds a dash of Kirby magic to the overall game. It's loads of fun to play and will keep you coming back to perfect each hole"

17. "Star Fox looks a little creaky nowadays BUT ultimately you'll be playing it for the feels and to unlock Star Fox 2 so enjoy the ride and think of it as an entree before Star Fox 2"

18. "Star Fox 2 is a tense tactical take on the Star Fox formula which looks to your commanding skills rather than your dog fighting expertise. It's a different kind of Star Fox but it does a good job of delivering the Star Fox follow up we all wanted back then"

19. "Secret Of Mana still sweeps me away with its beauty every time I look at the art and listen to the music. Then there's the fact that it is Action RPG perfection with a whole hearted healthy dose of RPG. You gotta play this legend!"

20. "Super Mario RPG is a game that passed me by all those years ago and this time I get to play a game and see the lineage of all the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. It's a cool game that still holds up well now"

21. "Earthbound is an oddity as it delivers fun and humour in a video game format well before any other games were doing this. I never played it first time round but i'm glad I played it in 2017. This might just be the best game on the SNES Classic!"

There You Have It!

21 Mini Reviews For The Mini SNES Classic.

Which Game Is Your Favourite?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below


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