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Numantia - PS4

With this not normally being a video game type I get stuck into on a regular basis this was a true learning experience for me.

Couple with this the fact that these type of games rarely exist on consoles this was really untouched territory for me in the video gaming landscape of 2017.

Numantia is a strategy game that takes you back to an ancient battle that is rarely covered in history let alone in console video games.

The game thrusts you into battle and commands you to command your group of chosen soldiers in battles to the death.

I will admit that when thrust into this new world I was confused and overwhelmed to say the least BUT after getting to grips with the nature of the game and what was being asked of me I was soon commanding archers and warriors into tactical battles and feeling like a field general.

When commanding troops in your turn you will need to get them into place and work out whether they will be required to take a position and wait like a game of chess or strike into the enemy. It's good fun to work out which tactics work and which don't.

I found that my tactics were very much ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK! This didn't bode well for my armies and I quickly found that my men were being slain. Each battle lasts over 20 minutes and careful consideration needs to be taken before each move otherwise the CPU controlled enemy army will destroy you without hesitation.

The on field battle action is actually broken up with some political decisions that will need to be made and may strengthen or weaken alliances based on these decisions. This was a nice touch and gave your hub world another level of depth and makes for a more involving game.

I enjoyed my time with Numantia and I think it makes a good case for more strategy games of this type to be released on consoles as it deals with supposed strategy control issues really well.

The one thing that could have made me bounce off of this game was the initial inpenetrable nature of the gameplay BUT after persevering I was able to pick up the game and get stuck in.

Summary Generally i'm a console gamer and its good to see a game of an under represented genre make its way onto consoles.
This game is enjoyable if you give it a chance and is working towards dispelling the myth that strategy games and consoles don’t play well together. 

Numantia goes a step further by also exploring a poorly represented period of history and will inspire others to learn more about the conflict.

It only falls short as it's not normally the type of game that hooks me but it has gone a long way to changing my mind on the genre.

If you fancy something different that will make your brain flex in a different direction then Numantia is the perfect partner for you this winter.

Game Link: PS Store
Dev Link: Recotech
Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Just Falls Short Of Greatness)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

Review By Rich

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