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Spear Master Nintendo Switch Review 7.5/10 "Worth a Chuck" 🏹 @OsarionGames #IndieGame #GameDev

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Spear Master Nintendo Switch Review
Clearly taking inspiration from arcade classic Pang!, Spear Master is a smooth, charming, and unfussy game that works just as well in solo play as it does with friends.

As the Spear Master, you are guided by your father in the ways of the spear, through over one hundred levels, you – and up to three other players – will traverse the islands, popping the bubble threat that invades your lands. 


Outcast: A New Beginning Xbox Review 7.5/10 "An Outcast No More" πŸ’₯🌴 @OutcastGame #IndieGame #GameDev

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Outcast: A New Beginning Xbox Review
I’ve had a spotted history with Outcast, when it was originally released in 1999, I played it briefly over a friend’s house and was entranced by the world conjured and possibilities laid out. The unfortunate thing was, I didn’t have a PC that could really get the most out of it at the time, and I fell away from it – assuming that I’d return soon – but the next time I spent any time with the game was when I picked up Outcast: Second Contact in 2020, and, revisiting the game so long after release highlighted the sheer scope and imagination of developers Appeal Studios, along with the unavoidable fact that the design and mechanics were lodged in a transitory period of the third-person open-world genre, and had aged appropriately.

Thus, when I caught wind of this new entry in the franchise- pseudo-reboot, pseudo-revising, pseudo-revisiting pseudo-sequel – call it what you want – I was glad to discover that I feel that this I finally the most complete, accessible, and wonderful way to know the story of the impossibly named ‘Cutter Slade’, and appreciate the full scale of the dev’s vision. A vision set into motion almost thirty years ago.


Golfinite Nintendo Switch Review 7.5/10 "A surprisingly moreish golf title" 🏌️‍♂️⛳️ #IndieGame #GameDev @pmurph0305

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As a keen – and yet impressively dreadful – amateur golfer, I’m always on the lookout for new golf titles to get me swingin’. Golfinite takes an interesting approach, in having a lot of depth to tuck into with the full array of clubs and shot styles available, as well as wind conditions and environmental hazards – the usual elements of golf games – but also taking a lighter approach in some of the wackier hazards that can get in your way, and the arcade-like power-ups that you can purchase with earned coins. These additions allow you to craft a playstyle that suits you, whether it be a ‘straighter’ style of plain golf, or more colourful and fun, which is a nice touch.


Pinball M Xbox Review 7.5/10 "The spookiest balls around" πŸ‘» @zen_studios #IndieGame #GameDev

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Zen Studios have release Pinball M, a game that delivers horror thrills to pinball-lovers around the world through a pretty cool mix of franchises:

– Wrath of the Elder Gods: Director’s Cut – experience the eldritch horror unrestricted for free

– Chucky’s Killer Pinball: Step into a twisted realm where the innocent becomes sinister, and the playful turns menacing. Navigate through an eerie playfield where Chucky lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce.

– The Thing Pinball: Use your pinball skills and battle against the shape-shifting alien through the arctic chill of U.S. Outpost #31. Can you trust anyone, even yourself?

– Dead by Daylight™️ Pinball: Become the hunter or even the hunted in a thrilling fusion of classic pinball and the excitement of one of the most popular horror games ever created.

– Duke Nukem’s Big Shot Pinball: Enjoy the biggest, grooviest, most BADASS pinball table ever made packed with guns and babes. Push start and play with balls of steel!


Gothic 2 Classic Nintendo Switch Review 7.5/10 "odd characters, amusing dialogue and locations" ⚔️ @gothicthegame @AlkimiaGameDev #IndieGame #GameDev

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I’ve been a fan of Piranha Bytes since discovering the first Risen game back on the PS3. After completing that game, I was so taken by the rough ‘n ready (also slightly bizarre) style of the Piranha Bytes games that I worked backwards and picked up Gothic 3, also enjoying that title – but finding it a bit awkward to get to run on my PC, at the time.

Since moving on from both the Gothic and Risen series, Piranha Bytes are now working on their third ELEX game, a series that I’ve had a mixed opinion of, especially because of the game-breaking bugs I encountered when reviewing ELEX 2 last year.

Through all of this though, Gothic 2 is held as somewhat of a high watermark of their games in terms of narrative, quest design and atmosphere. Playing it on the Switch was my first time with the game, and whilst it is certainly showing its age in many areas, that janky charm and idiosyncratic approach to quests and dialogue does still feel fun and fresh, and kept me coming back for more, each evening.


Dredge Pale Reach DLC PS5 Review By Reeg 7.5/10 "The ambient sound work in this expansion is nothing short of amazing." ⛵️πŸͺ @BlackSaltGames #GameDev #IndieGame

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Dredge Pale Reach DLC Review
I recently revisited a game that I love by trying out its newest DLC, Pale Reach. A quick recap of Dredge - you play the role of a sailor exploring local islands and fishing. However, this area is filled with strange and mysterious creatures, which gives the game a Lovecraftian feel.


Murder is Game Over XSX Review 7.5 / 10 "Pocket-sized Pixel Pondering" πŸ”ͺ #IndieGame #GameDev @HitherYonGames @RatalaikaGames

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A budget title from Ratalaika, Murder is Game Over is a short and fun narrative horror made in RPG Maker, full of jaunty music and pixel detective action.

As detective Guy and his crime-solving dog Chloe, you’ll roam a mansion and the surrounding grounds in a bid to solve the murder of a world-renowned game designer.

There are eight suspects, and thirty bags of dog treats to find as you try to solve this dastardly crime, as well as a treasure-hunting side quest!

A game that cosily leads you through the mystery as opposed to getting your grey cells pulsating, Murder is Game Over is a fun and light-hearted way to spend an evening, satisfactorily wrapping up its plot in an hour or two, and a big high five for the awesome music, which I would quite happily purchase on vinyl, awesome stuff!


The Crew Motorfest XSX Review 7.5/10 "Hawaii Five Oh!" 🌴🏎️🌴

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The Crew Motorfest XSX Review
The newest entry in The Crew franchise, The Crew Motorfest plonks drivers down in the paradise of Hawaii and lets them loose across the many locations of the island, from volcanos and mountain roads through dense foliage, absurd, spiralling racetracks, suburban areas and more.

After creating your driver and choosing your starting vehicle, you are free to roam around the island as you see fit. You can free roam or enter one of the myriad of ‘playlists’ (races) available, these range from drag races in highly-tuned performance cars to old camper vans, monster trucks, motorcycles and even planes.

There are currently well over 600 vehicles across these styles available, and each completed race will see you earning XP, unlocking extra vehicles and parts to replace and improve your various rides, in terms of both performance and vanity items.

There really is a huge amount of customisation available – as well as other micro-transactions that you can pay for to speed the process along, should you wish to do so …I personally avoid these like the plague, although it didn’t impinge on my enjoyment of the game as I was constantly unlocking and upgrading my garage of cars through normal play.


Slaps and Beans 2 Nintendo Switch Review 7.5/10 "Slaps that add up to more than a hill o’ beans!" 🫱🫘 @SchiaffiFagioli #GameDev #IndieGame

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I remember seeing the first Slaps and Beans come out a few years ago, and I always fancied trying it out, but it was one of the many games that unfortunately slipped through the cracks, so I certainly wasn’t going to miss this one! I’m glad I didn’t, as this is a fun blast of fisticuffs – preferably with a friend.

For those who were unaware – myself included – Bud Spencer and Terence Hill – the protagonists of the games – were popular Italian comedians back in the ‘70s who made an array of action comedies and spaghetti westerns from the late ‘60s right up to the mid-’80s., much like the various comedy duos of the ages, one is a gruffer, larger man whilst the other is a wiry, quick-witted chap. Good.


The Last Oricru – Final Cut XSX Review 7.5/10 "More fun than Starfield" ⚔️πŸ›‘️ @oricru #GameDev #IndieGame

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The Last Oricru had a rough ride when it was first released at the tail end of 2022, ending up 7th in Metacritic’s ‘The Worst Games of 2022’ list. It completely passed me by at the time, until I was hunting for RPGs that were off the beaten track on the Xbox store and quite fancied the game following a swifty at the trailer.

I contacted Goldknights and was advised that an overhauled version of the game was due in a few weeks, and so I held off covering the game until then, and I’m very glad I did. I didn’t play the original release of The Last Oricru. Still, I can quite confidently say that I had much more fun in the 15 hours or so that I spent with The Last Oricru (and completed it) than the 40 hours I spent on Bethesda’s latest release (before giving up on it out of boredom).


Night at the Gates of Hell Nintendo Switch Review 7.5/10 "More grimy, gory gaming action from the purveyors of filth" πŸ’€ @henryhoare8 #IndieGame #GameDev

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We at GF have learned to look forward to new console releases from Torture Star Video, as their awesome brand of video (game) nasties always entertain, and have a dirty streak a mile wide. The last game published by Torture Star Video that I personally covered was No One Lives Under the Lighthouse, a Lovecraftian-inspired slow-burn tale that captivated me with its lo-fi visuals and bewilderingly saucy sound design.

Night at the Gates of Hell, however, does not have a subtle, slow-burn approach… it instead goes for an especially nasty Italian zombie horror vibe, which it absolutely nails down with rusty masonry nails in a bloody mess of viscera and gore.


KeyWe Nintendo Switch Review 7.5/10 "You'll quickly fall in love with the game's charming Kiwi bird protagonists" πŸ¦ƒπŸ¦œ @stonewheat #IndieGame #GameDev

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Looking for an adorable and entertaining game that's perfect for all ages? Look no further than KeyWe, a short co-op puzzle game featuring cute animal protagonists. While it looks like it is aimed at children, adults looking for a fun and engaging game will also enjoy it. 

You'll quickly fall in love with the game's charming Kiwi bird protagonists - Jeff and Debra - but the chaotic puzzle platforming levels will keep you hooked. The levels are challenging and require teamwork, making it a great game to play with friends or family.


Oxenfree 2Review 7.5/10 "All We Hear Is Radio Ga Gaaaaah!!" πŸ“»πŸ‘» @nightschoolers #IndieGames #GameDev

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When I originally played Oxenfree on my Nintendo Switch I was late to the party and managed to buy it during a Switch games sale due to a recommendation on a Podcast I listen to. I really enjoyed the first Oxenfree and I especially fell for the radio-based supernatural story that had me guessing all the way.

This time around I got Oxenfree 2 on my mobile phone via the Netflix Games part of the Netflix mobile app. I was impressed that it was there and couldn't resist the opportunity to go back to the world of Oxenfree for more transistor radio high jinks!

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals feels like it is a worthy sequel to the beloved original indie adventure game Oxenfree and it also expands on the original game's strengths, whilst also introducing some neat new ideas to the formula.


Peppa Pig: World Adventures (mini) Xbox Review 7.5/10 "Peppa Goes Global" 🐷 @Outright_Games #IndieGames #VideoGamesForKids #GameDev

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Publisher Outright Games’ releases have had such a joyful impact on my 2-year-old that I actually sent them an email of thanks a few months ago. This new release continues the theme of incredibly accessible games with visuals and tonality that accurately reflects the franchise on which they are based, turning them into interactive experiences for all the family.


Raging Bytes XSX Review 7.5/10 "A Byte-Sized Zombie Adventure" 🧟🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ @KEMCO_OFFICIAL @KEMCOGLOBAL

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I feel like there will always be a place in my life for simple, turn-based JRPGs with 16-bit styled, top-down visuals. I’m not hot on the whimsy and light fantasy that a lot of the releases in the genre seem to focus on, but when a game instead has a grittier cyberpunk/steampunk/horror aesthetic my trousers instantly begin twirling in anticipation - as if they are a cane in the hands of song and dance man mid-performance in the 1920’s - as they did here upon initially seeing the trailer for KEMCO’s Raging Bytes a few weeks ago – and as always, my trousers were correct. (always trust the trouser - Ed)


Despot's Game Nintendo Switch Review 7.5/10 "Puny Humans" πŸ‘Ώ @Despotism_3k @tinyBuild #IndieGames #GameDev

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Vampire Survivors really opened the door to games with a certain level of automation built into the design, and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed that game – although I didn’t completely lose myself in it for a worrying number of hours (I look at you Pixel Hunted, oh beloved colleague of mine) – I absolutely welcomed the more casual approach gameplay over complex, involved (notice that I didn’t say intense, oh yes – this game is intense!) mechanics.


The Creepy Syndrome Xbox One Review 7.5/10 "Frightening Fun For Under a Fiver!" πŸ‘» @JanduSoft @BoomfireGames #IndieGames #GameDev

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I was lucky enough to cover Boomfire Games’ prior release - Cards of the Dead - back in 2021 around Halloween time. I was a big fan of the deck-based storytelling and simple, yet tense premise - escape from the zombie-ridden city without dying! In fact, I enjoyed the artwork and game so much that I backed the Kickstarter for the actual card game release of Cards of the Dead – and recently played through a few rounds of it during an extremely nerdy weekend board game retreat with a  group of equally nerdy friends.

The game went down a storm, and I’m already keen to play again! 

And so, a few months ago when Jandusoft began to tease the release of The Creepy Syndrome, my britches were full of twitches! 


🧱 LEGO Bricktales XSX Review 7.5/10 "Build Me Up, Buttercup" 🧱 #LEGOBrickTales #LEGO @Thunderfulgames

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I’ve played quite a few LEGO games over the years – mostly in local multiplayer – and they’ve always had a lot to offer in terms of accessible fun.

Admittedly, the sheer amount of movie franchise-based games did get a bit wearying, but LEGO City Undercover and the more open-world, sandbox games were highlights, and so – when offered LEGO Bricktales to review, I just assumed that there would be an inherent quality to whatever approach was taken here (as I’d not heard of the game beforehand) and yes, LEGO has (mostly) woven their magic again, and this time in a game that feels the most traditional ‘LEGO’ game yet.


😱 White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Xbox Series X 7.5/10 “Back to school, for a lesson in terror” 😱 @PQubeGames #IndieGames #GameDev

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White Day was something of a legend for a long time, I would see many videos and articles talking about it, marking it as one of the scariest games to ever come out.

It was only available in Korea and was so scary that some people emailed the developer to ask them to make it less scary so that they could complete it.

Now, I have no idea how true all the legends are - but it’s always been a game I desperately wanted to experience. 


πŸ‘ΏπŸ₯§ Hell Pie Xbox Series X Review 7.5/10 "A wonderfully ghastly concoction straight from Satan’s kitchen" πŸ‘ΏπŸ₯§ @SluggerflyDev #GameDev #IndieGames

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Warning lights flash in my mind whenever games go for humour - as so often cheap gags and lazy writing are brought to the fore at the cost of gameplay, or perhaps the humour doesn’t connect with you personally.

So every attempt at it elicits a sigh. However, the trailer for Hell Pie showed what seemed to the naked eye to be a surprisingly polished 3D platformer. Having fancied this genre for a while - the last I played was the sublime A Hat in Time - I thought I’d give Hell Pie a goosey, and by Jove, it was a wise move.

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