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☆ "My Top 5 Most Quoteable Retro Arcade Games" ☆

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The arcade games from the past that tend to stick in the minds of all of us at Games Freezer* are the quoteable ones.

Its not unusual to hear "Power Up!" or "Haduken!" ring round the Games Freezer office as we go about our daily gaming business!

It got us thinking about the best example of the most quoteable games over the years.
We had a think and compiled some of the coolest Quoteable retro Arcade games that we still quote to this day.
So without further ado cast your eyes over our Top 5 and "Get Over Here!" 


Games Freezer - The Not Very Current TOP 5 List of the Video Games Of 2013 So Far....

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The Most Amazing Box Of Games Since Metal Gear Solid Got Stuck In Our ICE BOX!

The Games Freezer Top 5 Video Games List of 2013....So Far

As we near the middle of 2013 we have started to compile a list of the games we have been playing so far in 2013.
It's a list that we have compiled ONLY using games that we have actually played this year and they wont necessarily will have been released this year either.
So here goes.....
  1. The Orange Box (X360)

    This collection of games is a masterpiece of gaming. 
    It includes the Daddy of First Person Shooters (3 episodes) , the Daddy of Multiplayer along with the most innovative puzzler in years! 
    We managed to pick this up second hand for £10. 
    Five amazing games for £10....if you havn't already done so BUY IT NOW!
  2. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360)


    Being a massive fan of open world RPG's we had been meaning to invest in this game for an absolute age! 

    Then one day whilst sifting through the bargain bucket in Blockbuster, there it was for £12, so we began to invest a few hours, days and weeks (and counting) into this mammoth game. 

    It's a top quality game that still looks fresh after 5 years. 
    The levelling up of enemies in line with your level is rather annoying however, the game in general is a triumph....Try it you will love it 
  3. Super Stickman Golf (Android/iOS)


    We were finding that there was a distinct lack of good golf games on the Android platform and then along came the iPhone smash hit Super Stickman Golf which as much a puzzle game as it is a golf game. 

    With Par 10 holes on some courses its a game that doesn't take itself seriously, but shouldn't be overlooked in any way as it grips you with its mix of tactics and good fun. 

    The power ups are brilliant and are unlocked as you progress. We paid 69p for it and it brightens up the commute into work every morning....A Great Mobile Game 

    (also watch out for Super Stickman Golf 2)


  4. FIFA 12 (PS3)


    We hadn't invested our hard earned cash into a footy title since PES became rubbish about 5 years ago, then we played an old copy of FIFA 11 around a friends house this year and thought hang on, THIS IS FUN!!  

    So as soon as FIFA 12 hit the bargain buckets we bought it and loved it immediately. 

    Lots has been written about this game and the EA way of minor updates to the game each year rather than genuinely improving the game. 

    In this version, the developers put their neck on the line slightly by changing the defending to a much tougher system and even though it takes a while to get used to, its made the game more of a challenge, so much so that you genuinely celebrate each goal you score out loud!! (or is that just me?!)

    You never know, we like the game so much, we might actually buy the latest version! (second hand of course)

    5. Heavy Rain (PS3) 

    Wow! What a game, like nothing you have ever played before. 
    From the start you are put into a situation that is quite alien to most gamers, you are asked to brush your characters teeth and then get them into the shower, from here on in your character's life spirals out of control and thrusts you into a world where nothing seems as it is. 
    You get to play as various characters through the plot and it genuinely throws up a massive twist in the story late on.While not without its niggly parts, it is truly a genuine advancement in computer games and what we perceive them to be

    So, there it is, not a very current but a very enjoyable Top 5!
    Have a think about your top games of 2013 so far....
    Let us know your current or not so current faves of 2013




Games Freezer - Top 5 Video Games Of All Time

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Games Freezer
Everybody knows that this is an impossible task and one task that takes full concentration in order to distill 25 years worth of games playing into 5 all time great titles!

You may call us crazy but we have only gone and attempted it!

Having looked at all the machines we have played since 1979 we have pulled out the 5 games that have immersed us and pulled us into their grasp which has meant countless hours of gameplay have been poured into these 5 amazing games. 

Of course with only 5 Video Games spots to fill there are countless great games that didn't make the Games Freezer Top 5!

So here goes.......... 

5. NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Arcade) 

The game that made me into an Arcade junkie! I remember once taking a train with mates all the way to Brighton just to go and find the NBA Jam Tournament Edition Arcade box and play the 4 Player mode.......what a much fun with your mates. Bought it recently on the PS3 still loads of fun!

4. Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

A game that took my breath away. This was miles ahead of its time and like nothing else i'd seen before. The storyline and presentation was like a movie and the gameplay was ingenius! It really felt like you were an undercover operative sneaking about and disposing of enemy security guards with sneak attacks. I still own a copy of this as I can't bear to part with it!

3. Super Mario Kart (SNES) 

This game remained firmly lodged in my SNES until the time I sold it. Battle Mode was amazing and me and my friends actually created our own Battle Mode league complete with balloon difference points for the amount of balloons left on your Kart at the end of the match.

2. Fallout 3 (X360)

From the moment you step out of the Post Apocalyptic Vault and into the Wasteland, you are consumed by this game, over 100 hours of game time and I enjoyed every minute of it. A truly epic game.

1. Sensible Soccer (Amiga)

Over the years I have played many many football games and it was always the aim to play games that realistically simulated the beautiful game however, Sensible Soccer was a different breed , it's goal was to create a fun experience that could be played again and again and again and again and again. My personal favourite was scoring a diving header from the edge of the area with my microscopic player. A game that made me smile and still does. (closely followed by Sensible World Of Soccer)

So......Over to you.....
Are you up to the challenge of creating your own Top 5 All Time Video Games List?
It's a tough task and the GAMES FREEZER wants to know how you get on with compiling your Video Games List!

Richard - From The Games Freezer Basement in Essex

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