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Another search around the Twittersphere has uncovered a gem of an indie game that's currently in the making......

This retro styled game looks right up our street.....

Welcome to "FOUR REALMS" ............

What's Four Realms All About Then?

Four Realms gives you the opportunity to save the realms of animal-kind from the edge of oblivion....
You are a Guardian, you cleverly use spells to overcome difficult scenarios and perform amazing feats to save the realms of animal-kind......
Chaos Magic now threatens to envelope the Four Realms. 

Only YOU the Guardian, a hero called upon by the Elements, can save the animals of the kingdoms. 

BUT not without help, the Guardian must unite the Four Realms to succeed....
In order to unite the Four Realms you are asked to earn their trust by solving complex tasks. 

Using the magic of the four Elements there are no barriers...

As the Guardian you will be able to summon allies, materialize structures, cast powerful enchantments, or conjure devastating spells.

What Does It Play Like?

Four Realms is a Semi-randomly generated adventure with rogue-lite qualities, action, puzzles and platforming.

You'll get the chance to choose from a large selection of unique playable characters & diverse spells. 

You'll get to build up your own personal spell lists in the spirit of customisable card games.

If you want to succeed you'll have to equip and tailor-make your very own unique Guardian.

This Game Is Being Made By HUGEBOT!
Hugebot! is the indie alias for Delvin Mason.

Delvin's past projects include DUO (Flash), Mushroom Men (Wii), Ghostbusters (Wii), Rock Paper Dropkick (Flash), and Starhawk (PS3)

Take A Look At The Trailer And Let Us Know What YOU Think About This Cool Game...

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