☆ ☆ Happy 20th Birthday Mr Playstation ☆ ☆ @PS_Beyond #retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Who's Peter?

Is The Playstation 1 Now Considered Retro?

In My Opinion, Retrogaming Gains A New Family Member as My Dear Friend The PS1 Turns 20 on December 3rd. 

The "Old Grey Box" Was Released in Japan On 3rd December 1994

In Honour Of The Uncle Of Modern Gaming I Have Looked At 20 Of My Favourite PS1 

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Read On To Get Your Piece Of The PS1 Cake.......
Not so long ago, the GameBoy turned 25 (take a look at my article to find out more) it's now the turn of the Sony legend to eat copious amounts of birthday cake and drink far too much before copping off with an N64…….
Here's My Top 20 PS1 related images to remind YOU of why the PS1 is so cool!

20. The Ultimate Playstation Christmas Jumper

19. The PS1 Slim - Still Looks Great Today

18. The Original PlayStation Logo - Still The Best!

17. Check Out This Cool PS1 Mod

16. "My Little Console" by BlueAthomBomb

15. Everyone Needs A PS1 Keyring In Their Life!

14. It's Time To Make A Cardboard PS1..............

13. PS1 + Optimus Prime  = Super Cool

12. Crash Tribute by The EYZ Master

11. Parappa Is Still THE MAN!

10. My First Metal Gear Experience..........

9. The Legendary Final Fantasy VII......

8. One Of The Greatest Controllers Ever

7. The Finest Business Card Holder In The World!

6. Imagine If This Bad Boy Works!

5. A Homage To The Old Grey Box

4. The Coolest Notebook In Town

3. Was This The Original (Nintendo-Sony) PS1?

2. The Console That Gave Us Our First Trip To...........

1. My First Jump Out Of My Seat In Fright Moment With A Video Game....Priceless! (Although It's Looking A Little Tame Nowadays)

What's Your Favourite PS1 Thing?

A Game? A Mod? A Cake?!!

Let Us Know...

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