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I know i'm a bit late to the party (as usual) BUT I just had to write something about "Wreck It Ralph"

I saw this brilliant film from Disney last week and I smiled from ear to ear for a solid hour and a half.

Basically it's a retro gamer dream that's oozing with classic video games characters and takes you down memory lane through the eyes of a brilliant video games arcade and a video game that you could easily mistake for being a genuine retro arcade game.
Before sitting down to watch this i'd heard a few good things about on Twitter from the usual retrogaming dudes and dudettes but when I actually started watching it I was pleasantly surprised at exactly how brilliant the film was!

The opening sequence which depicts a video games arcade changing over time is absolutely brilliant as you see the cabinets change over time in a time lapse style.

It's so good that i'm now going to dig it out from YOUTUBE for your viewing pleasure....

(Check out "Whack A Mole" 30 years and still in the arcade :)

The next scene sold it for me though, a whole group of "bad guys" attending "Bad-Anon" and talking through their Bad Guy troubles. 

It's Disney scene of absolute brilliance. You get Zangief talking about "crushing men's skulls like sparrows egg" while Clyde the Orange Pac Man ghost facilitates the meeting. Then there's M Bison piping up and Bowser spitting out fireballs in disgust when Ralph mentions not wanting to be a bad guy anymore. 

The scene ends with the whole group (including Dr Robotnik" taking the "Bad Guy Affirmation" which goes something like this:


This scene is like something straight out of Toy Story but a video games version and I think that's exactly what you get with the whole film. It's Toy Story for us video gamers young and old. 

I think it especially appeals to the older generation due to the fact that it's based entirely in a video games arcade which for me growing up was the pinnacle of video games.

The story even has a cool surprise in it for you that I didn't actually see coming (i'm not the cleverest bloke when it comes to spotting clues though so i'm guessing most people picked up on the surprise before it was unveiled.....) BUT I wont spoil it here if you havn't seen the film yet.

The bottom line is, I can't recommend Wreck It Ralph enough, it's an hour and a half of video gamers delight that will have you glued to your TV spotting all the video games references and getting wrapped up in the semi predictable but heart warming storyline.

It leaves you actually wanting to play "Fix It Felix Jnr" and "Sugar Rush"......

So here they are in all their in browser glory! :)

Maybe i'm just a sucker for Disney films? 

What Did YOU Think Of Wreck It Ralph?

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