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Viktor the wild boar came knocking on the door of The Freezer to tell us about his brilliant Kickstarter campaign that's targetting the creation of a 2D point n click video game all about Viktor's job loss and his quest to become the Emperor Of Austria-Hungary in the late nineteenth century……

Not your usual premise for a video game…..but this is NOT your usual video game!

This Game Is Anything BUT Boaring! (sorry)
The first thing that sets this game apart from the herd (what's a group of boar called?) is the beautifully crafted 2D art which has been lovingly hand drawn by Sven Nemet.
Sven is a renowned author of picture books and board games in Croatia and his unique art style is an absolute pleasure to behold. Sven's style has been described as 
"well polished, yet provokingly chaotic"
The game features a point and click interface and inventory with the usual style of commands but is also backed up with a “choose your own response” dialogue feature which sounds like great fun…..
In certain conversation scenarios you are able to choose what Viktor will respond with! 
This gives you the opportunity to encourage, provoke or confuse NPCs in the wonderfully crafted world around you.
We are great fans of games that don't punish you but let you explore the story and progress your own strand of adventure. 
Viktor's game gives YOU the freedom to explore and experiment without fear of dying or getting frustratingly stuck in one part of the game for hours on end!
The dev team are creating a game where If you feel like you've made a wrong choice or forgot to do something there is still always a way to solve any in game problem... 

(confession: I was stuck on Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis for 2 months back in the days of no internet!! It was only recently that I got passed that bit and completed, with a little help from a walkthrough!! YIKES!)

Viktor doesn't take himself too seriously and this is reflected in probably the silliest psychological drama you will ever play!
Viktor has been described as having "issues and unrealistic expectations"
As the player of Viktor's game you get to help him try and achieve his lofty ambitions and attempt to at least learn from his mistakes!!
The game also boasts some mini-games which will test your reflexes and see you attempting to assist Viktor in accomplishing his goal of becoming Emperor.
Another nice in game touch is the ability to collect each piece of in game music so it can be listened to at your own convenince.

Who Is Viktor?
Viktor is an impulsive and slightly megalomaniac street sweeper (a great combination of traits for a main protagonist!)
Viktor feels pressured by the injustice that happens all around the world and once he gets fired from his sweeping job he angrily decides to fix it all by becoming the Emperor.
Becoming Emperor is obviously a massive ask for Viktor but with a bucket load grit, determination, will power and some much needed assistance from in game characters and even few historical figures, anything is possible for this wild boar!!!

Where Does This Original Sounding Story take place?
Mostly the story takes place in central Europe and beautifully drawn lands are cartoon parodies and each land has it’s distinct style of architecture, technology and living.

I want To Help Make This Game A Reality,How Can I Help?
Well, if like us you love the sound of this game we'd suggest the following steps:

STEP 1: Visit The Kickstarter Page

STEP 2: Watch The Cool Video


STEP 4: Back The Kickstarter Campaign NOW Before It's Too late!!

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