☆ A GIF History of Retro Gaming Consoles: 1972-1996 ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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If YOU Want A Christmas Eve Present Then You Need To Check Out This Amazing Retrogaming GIF History Created By A Dude Called Zadoc.....

>>A GIF History of Retro Gaming Consoles: 1972-1996<<

This had me mesmerized for a good ten minutes solid as I worked my way through the brilliant GIF timeline. 

I like the way that not all the most obvious games have been featured for each console.

It's a brilliant piece of work by the imgur legend that is Zadoc and another reason why I love the retrogaming community so much!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Let Me Know What YOU Will Be Playing This Christmas....

Will It Be Any Of The Games Featured In The GIF History? 

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