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Who Is Johnny Rocket Fingers?

Who Is Ryan Khatam?

All Will Be Revealed...........

Heeeeeeeeere's JOHNNY!!

Who Is Johnny Rocket Fingers?

He's one tough mudder from the wrong side of town.

This dude has fists of steel and balls the size of melons.

Johnny dishes out pain in massive doses and knows no limits.

The thing with Johnny is he's always a wanted man, his life is one of crime and drugs which is kind of rare for a stick man nowadays.....

If you have played the first two Rocket Fingers games you will know exactly what i'm talking about as you play through 2 grimy scenarios from Johnny's hard hitting stick man life.

In Johnny's first outing he helped a prostitute by rescuing her daughter from local thugs. This intro to Johnny's world laid the foundations for the second outing where Johnny takes on 'THUG INC'

Both of these games are gritty and Tarantino-esque views of the world with over the top visuals and violence accentuated by the chaotic art style.

Both are a pleasure to play and mix the grittyness with a great sense of humour and laugh out loud moments.

The soundtracks are also a joy to behold. Just the kind of beats that will have your heading nodding like a 'G' before you know it......

You NEED To Play These Games NOW To Appreciate What JRF3 Is Going To Be All About....


Who Is Ryan Khatam?

Ryan is a passionate point n click connoisseur who has been playing point n click games since the early 90's when his dad bought an IBM 286 along with a copy of the legendary "the Secret Of Monkey Island".....Monkey Island turned Ryan into a point n click devotee.

Ryan grew up playing the finest point n click games in the world that we all know and love, such as Monkey Island 2, Loom, Day Of The Tentacle and the epic Fate Of Atlantis. This set of amazing games infused themselves into Ryan's DNA and it was clear that Ryan's genre of choice would always be point n click from the 90's onwards.....

Ryan works professionally in the animation industry and has done for over seven years. Ryan is currently a storyboard artist at Nickelodeon Animation Studios in California. Ryan has worked on projects such as Metalocalypse, Trip Tank, Dick Figures the Movie and China IL

Then in 2003 Ryan made "Johnny Rocketfingers" and it all changed from there onwards.
The super cool, gritty, over the top and hilarious point n click gained popularity online and one year later Ryan was commissioned by Conspiracy Games to make Johnny Rocket Fingers 2. JRF2 was a slicker game and more elaborate challenge than the first game with a more complex story line and more challenging puzzles to solve. JRF2 came out in 2006 and was another online success.......

Now Ryan wants to bring YOU Johnny Rocket Fingers 3!

If Ron Says It's Good.....It's Gotta Be Good...Right?!!?

Ok, so straight off the bat let's just say RON GILBERT likes the look of this cool game.....
If there was ever an endorsement for a Point N Click adventure that was worth it's weight n gold, it has to be an endorsement form "BIG RON".......

"The Man" has spoken so now listen up to what the other dudes in the know have to say:

"Hey Johnny You're So Fine"

What Ryan is going to bring us in Johnny Rocket Fingers 3 is a gritty point and click adventure game with quality storytelling and puzzles.

Mix all of the above with the humour and wit of the Monkey Island games and infuse it with the cinematic stylishness of Scorsese and Tarantino movies. 

Bake all that for 1hr and 40mins and then combine that with the juices of the high-end animation quality of Anime and 1940's Cartoons and you get yourself a Johnny Rocketfingers 3.

Join Team Johnny Today!

This is where YOU come in....
Ryan's Kickstarter is live and needs your help....
Here's How:

  1. Play Johnny Rocket Fingers 1 & 2
  2. Head To The Johnny Rocket Fingers 3 Kickstarter Page
We can't wait to see the third installment of this over the top kick ass adventure game and we just know you are going to love the first two games so much that you'll want to see what happens next in this "gangster, Ren & Stimpy on speed style" point and click adventure series!

Hopefully YOU Will Like JRF As Much As We Do....

Let Us Know What You Think.........

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