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As I think about entering into the world of the 8th Generation of consoles I cast my mind back to the 3rd Generation of consoles.

The thing that sticks out in my mind is the two consoles that I owned from that generation and the fact that both consoles had some really cool built in games.

Built in games seem to be a thing of the past nowadays unless you buy one of those cool emulation machines with 180 built in games, but that don't count. 

I'm talking about the days when original hardware came with a killer game pre loaded.

The first built in game and system that springs to mind was my beloved SEGA Master System "Flight Deck" version with it's lovely beefy square casing.

The built in game wasn't immediately obvious but word in the playground spread that if you switch on the SMS, Push up on the D Pad and Press Buttons 1 & 2 you get straight into the Snail Maze game...

It always sounded so awesome that there was this mysterious hidden game on the Master System but the fact was the Snail Maze game was pants. But it was a nice idea. 

SEGA followed a theme from here on in and released various versions of the Master System and Master System II and pre loaded some absolutely awesome games onto them!

These cool games included:

Safari Hunt & Hang On

Alex Kidd In Miracle World

Sonic The Hedgehog

Alex Kidd & Sonic were absolute classics and Hang On was a brilliant port of the arcade onto the 8 Bit Black Box.

The other console/computer that I owned from the 3rd Generation was the awesome Atari 800 XEGS. This was a beauty to behold and was the machine that introduced me to the legendary Missile Command.

Missile Command was built into the XEGS and I spent many an hour trying to better my score on that tough as nails video game. Another great built in game that was a sign of those times in the video games world.

Now that these built in games seem to be a thing of the past, i'd like you all to cast your minds back to those days and let me know if you can think of any other video games systems that had a built in game.....

Let Me Know Of Your Built In Gems In The Comments Box Below......

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