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Puffin Books have a great new twist on some of the classic books from down the years that will excite gamers like me. 

It's called the Puffin Pixels Series.

Puffin Books have released some awesome new book covers to adorn classic books such as Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson, King Arthur & The Knights Of The Roundtable, Robin Hood and Tales Of The Greek Heroes.

The new reimagined covers for these classics are pixelated 8 Boy video game cover artwork. The 8 Bit designs have been lovingly created by the awesome artist Michael B Myers Jr and look at adding a fresh new look to the cover art for these legendary books.
The Geeks Have Shown Me The Light
I first came across the Puffin Pixels series whilst listening to the Geeks Guide To The Galaxy and I've been meaning to create a post on these cool reimaginings ever since.

I'm glad I finally got the opportunity as the artwork on display is perfect for a nostalgic video games geek like me and adds a cool new angle on the cover art from these classics.

While sifting my way through the Puffin website I located around 6 editions in the series and I believe that there are more to come such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

(UPDATE: I have just located Dracula & Frankenstein!)

Take a look at the Puffin Website to browse and buy some of these beautiful looking titles and while you're still with me in the Games Freezer take a look at the amazing Michael B Myers artwork. 

Pixel Art Master Class
While I have been looking at these beautiful pieces of artwork it's very plain to see that the video gamers angle has been brought out beautifully in these lovely illustrations.

The Robin Hood cover resembles a platform type video game such as Super Frog complete with gold coins for RH to collect (and no doubt re-distribute to the poor)

Then there's Treasure Island which has a distinct whiff of Secret of Monkey Island about it (if you squint then the swashbuckling dude on the cover slightly resembles Guybrush Threepwood's half brother)

King Arthur looks like it could be a screenshot straight from the ULTIMA SERIES of Video Games with the sword wielding knight taking centre stage.

Tales Of Greek Heroes pretty much looks like the cool Indie Game called OKHLOS. Of course OKHLOS is actually inspired by Greek Mythology so that's about right then!

Let's Take A Look At All of the Original covers alongside their Pixel counterparts. 

Gotta Catch 'Em All
I'm betting that if you are anything like me then you have fallen for these lovely looking re-designs. The collector in me has the urge to go and buy every one of these awesome designs as they are going to be something to treasure for every games geek out there for many years to come.

Do You Feel Compelled To Go Out And Buy These Now You've Had A Taster?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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