☆The Games Freezer Sunday 7 Day Retrogaming Roundup ☆ #GamersUnite #Retrogaming

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Another busy week of video games, geekness and retro gaming comes to a close in The Freezer.

It's time to look back at all the goings on from the last week and bring them to you in a nice easy to digest morsel of Gaming Greatness....

Put your feet up and take a look at the last 7 days in the World Of The Games Freezer


1. ☆ The Games Freezer 5 Links Video Games Roundup ☆
I take the opportunity to dig through the gaming goodness that I havn't yet had the opportunity to cover. Take a look at these bite size bits of awesomeness.


2. ☆ A Geeks Christmas List 2015 - Part 1 ☆
I have been slowly compiling my Christmas List for 2015 and here I reveal some really cool items that I have uncovered which will do me nicely thank you very much.


3. ☆ How Do You Save A Stranded Astronaut? ☆
Here I took a look at a really awesome text adventure style game with a twist. Life Line is a cool game that has totally got my attention right now!


4. ☆ Kevin Toms Talks Torquay, ZX Spectrum & Kickstarter ☆
I get the opportunity to ask Kevin Toms, a boyhood hero of mine, some questions about Torquay, the ZX Spectrum and his Football Manager Revival Kickstarter Campaign.


5. ☆ Built In Video Games From The Third Generation ☆
I take a look back at my favourite built in video games from Atari to SEGA Master System.


6. ☆ The Mother Of All Gaming Markets ☆

Here I took the opportunity to preview the awesome new gaming market coming to London Town. Check it out this November and read about it on Games Freezer.


7. ☆ Sensible Soccer & Microprose Soccer Have A Baby ☆
I stumbled across an awesome looking new footy game that looks like it was created in 1990. Banana Shots a plenty fun time football!

Have You Missed Any Of These From The Last Week?

Let Me Know Which Articles You Like Best In The Comments Box Below...

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