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Video games as a medium has often struggled to convey comedy and especially in early hardware as the range of expressions was very limited so humour was a tough ask.

Comedy in video games has often been a rare commodity over the years but there is a genuine comedy to be found in a fair few games.

Let The Fun Begin
As a young gamer you could often find me chuckling away to the latest release which had subtle humour interlaced into the game play.

Some humour was so well interlaced that you may not even notice it at first glance!
It turns out that some games were actually unintentionally funny.

I've been thinking about the moments in gaming that have made me smile over the years and here's a nice chuckly list for you all to peruse and hopefully i'll bring back some fun memories.

Okay, so maybe Lemmings isn't laugh out loud funny but come on it does make you smile when you hear "Oh No" as you instruct a mass lemming suicide!

The worms crew have plenty of amusing catchphrases and these have worked their way into general society. You can guarantee that if you shout "Oi Nutter" in a crowded room then 85% of the room will know the Worms reference....(but only if you do it in a Worms style!)

Secret Of Monkey Island & Monkey Island 2
The Monkey Island games have the funniest scripts in all of gaming history. Bad puns, funny jokes, visuals that make you chuckle and some of the funniest characters you will ever come across. Stan at the used Boat Emporium always makes me chuckle with his fast moving hands and crazy salesman patter.

Earthworm Jim 1 & 2
Earthworm Jim's visual cartoon style comedy always makes me beam with smiles as he contorts his body into crazy shapes and meets so many oddball characters along his ultra tough journey!

Portal & Portal 2
Portal's subtle clever humour is a massive draw for many gamers. The gameplay and the laughs are thought provoking and deep. The thinking mans humour and with Stephen Merchant on board for Portal 2 you can't really get a better mix.

Grand Theft Auto
Nick a car, get in and switch the radio on for hours of GTA radio station fun. The dialogue on the radio stations has been hilarious since day 1. I especially love the adverts. Rockstar blew me away when they introduced the radio stations back in GTA1 and it's been a tradition ever since. One long running joke that gets better with each instalment.

SIMS is funny because of the dumb things that you find your SIMS doing and of course, we've all laughed as I SIMS wet themselves (haven't we?)

Not A Hero
I played Not A Hero at this years EGX Rezzed and I was laughing out loud at the cutscenes. This game is tongue in cheek to the max with an over the top action hero theme to boot. Take a look at this game if you want fun and laughs a plenty!


Sensible Software - The Comedy Songs
Sensible were the king of video game comedy songs and as you will hear these songs will stick in your head forever. The 3 awesome songs that raise a smile every time I hear them are "Goal Scoring Superstar Hero", "War Has Never Been So Much Fun" and "The Golf Song"

Take a listen now and see what you think.............

There you have it, a nice little collection of video game funnies.

What's The Video Game From Down The Years That Manages To 
Tickle Your Funny Bone?

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