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A lot of my inspiration for what I do today with Games Freezer comes from my early video games years experience with a certain football game that for me became an obsession....

This obsession led me to searching for it immediately on whatever console or computer that I owned. When i owned my beloved Atari 800 XEGS I would visit LOGIC Computer Shop in Cheshunt or Rossi's Toy Shop in Chingford and search through the masses of cassettes preying to see a copy of it for Atari XE/XL....

Alas I never saw it on my beloved Atari.....

In the 80's & 90's it constantly dominated my thoughts and led me down the road to becoming a purveyor of all things Football Management Simulation...

That game was Football Manager by Kevin Toms....

Kevin Toms is famously the bearded guy who featured on every cover of a Football Manager or Football Manager 2 case.

If I close my eyes and think of Football Manager I see Kevin's bearded face smiling back at me and that image is one of things that has made this game dev an icon from 80's video game culture.

Back To The Future
Fast forward to 2015 and Kevin Toms is back!

Kevin has created a Kickstarter campaign to resurrect the original Football Manager on today's mobile devices.

It's an exciting prospect and a no bearded Kevin Toms needs YOU to assist him in bringing this retrogaming great back into the 21st century....

I caught up with Kevin to ask him a few questions and here's what he had to say 

GF: Hi Kevin, I Just checked in on the Kickstarter and with 11 days to go I am thinking this could definitely be done. Would you be so kind as to answer a few questions?
KT: Thanks I am very happy for the support.

GF: How long did it take to code the original Football Manager games?
KT: It took a year in my spare time originally

GF: What football manager sims did you play? (apart from FM of course)
KT: There weren't any others at the start!

GF: What was your inspiration behind the original games?
KT: I loved football, and I had tried to do the game several times as a board game

GF: What footy team do you support?
KT: Sadly, especially nowadays. Torquay United

GF: Did you play football as a kid?
KT: Yes I loved it.

GF: Were you any good?
KT: I was good as a goalkeeper until 12 when I became short sighted(glasses only then) and later I was a decent defender. Interestingly I also managed my own team

GF: Who's your favourite footballer of all time?
KT: This really made me think. I am not sure I have an all time one. But Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal is a great favourite of mine. I like the combination of great talent and great attitude.

GF: What is / was your favourite video game system?
KT: Still ZX Spectrum. I hold affection for its limitations

GF: What is your favourite non football video game?
KT: Mario Kart I think.  To relax I like easy to play mindless fun

GF: Did you ever play the play by mail games of the 80's & 90's?
KT: No but I do remember them

GF: Is it a coincidence that Dino Dini is also resurrecting his awesome football IP (Kick Off Revival) ? 
KT: Yes I think so. You will have to ask him that

GF: Ever thought of collaborating with Dino? 
KT: No, but we met by chance in the Netherlands not long ago. It was fun. 

GF: What other coding projects do you have in the pipeline?
KT: I have a lot in mind. I have been asked to re-visit Software Star too. :)
And Kevin Toms Football, which is different

Kevin Toms Football

GF: Thanks Kevin, I too have a soft spot for Torquay as I travelled from Deal in Kent all the way to Torquay in one day using only A Roads all the way to watch Torquay at Plainmorr play Luton.....I support neither team but I do love a good cornish pasty! :)

Now that you've heard a little bit about one of my gaming heroes I would love for that to convert into a load of backers for Kevin's cool Kickstarter......

Head To http://kck.st/1LiAkaq to get involved with this slice of video gaming history

Let Me Know Your Favourite Kevin Tom's Football Manager Memories 
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