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Everyone has their top games of all time lists and I've talked about mine a fair few times on here. 

Then I started to think about all the systems I've owned down the years and what the best games I've ever played on those systems were.

It's a tough ask to sum up your favourite video games from a lifetime of gaming on various machines but here's how I got on.... 

Okay, first of all let's start with the selection rules:

1. You need to have owned the system for it to qualify (you can't have just played a mate's system a few times)

2. You need to name 3 of your favourite video games per system (no more-no less)

4. lf vou can't name 3 games on the system that you have played you can't include it 

It's not so simple to come up the 3 games which define the system for you though.

For me it was also a memory test to remember the games that I played and owned when was 8 years old. 

So here's my list of the Top 3 games i played on the systems owned.... 

Atari 800 XE/XL

1. World Soccer 
2. Spy vs Spy 2 
3. Missile Command 

World Soccer was my go to football manager sim as could never seem to find Football Manager on the Atari (I have recently located a copy on eBay, where was eBay 26 years agolt? 

Spy vs Spy 2 was a game that opened my eyes up to how ingenious video games could be, I didn't realise something like this was even possible on a computer. Tactics, Laughs and Frantic Gameplay! 

Missile Command was pre-loaded onto the 800 XEGS and it was (and still is an awesome vintage arcade game of score attack. From memory I only ever got to level 12. 

Commodore Amiga

1. IT Came From The Desert 
2. Sensible World of Soccer 
3. Monkey Island 2 

With IT Came From The Desert I had never before experienced a game that made you feel as though you were in a movie. Add into that it was a B Movie and the effect was complete. I never completed this game but will go back and play it again someday 

Sensible World Of Soccer is an institution among football games. It's still fun to play now and that's the mark of a legendary game. A game which lived in my Amiga disk drive constantly for months on end 

Just a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Monkey Island 2 has 12 Disks of video game perfection.

SEGA Master System

1. Psycho Fox
2. Wonder Boy In Monster Land
3. Alex Kidd in Miracle World 

Notice a pattern here with my SMS selections? 
They're ALL Platform games. It probably stems from my love of Super Mario but my lack of a NES. 
These 3 platformers are absolutely first class examples of how awesome platform games were at this time in history.

Psycho Fox was so different from anything else I had ever played and was the most fun. Wonder Boy In Monster Land made me feel like I was adventuring my way across a land of discover fighting creatures and exploring.

Alex Kidd made me fall in love with a Big Headed Paper Scissors Stone World Champion! 

SEGA Megadrive

1. Streets Of Rage 2
2. Road Rash 2
3. Earthworm Jim

3 games of the highest calibre. 
SOR2 and RR2 were so much fun when played in 2 player mode. So many laughs were had. Earthworm Jim made me realise that humour in video games could work as it felt like I was playing a cartoon.

Super Nintendo

1. Street FIghter II
2. Super Mario Kart 
3. NBA Jam

3 games that literally changed my expectation of how good video games could be.
The multiplayer experience on each of these is still amazing to this day.
Lock me in a room with mates, a SNES, these 3 games and a multi tap and I will be a happy man.


1. Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis
2. Resident Evil
3. Metal Gear Solid

Anna Kournikova's Tennis is on this list because of how much fun I had playing this with friends. Blast Tennis is like 4 player Bomberman with rackets.

Resident Evil was the first video game that actually made me jump and drew me in with it's compelling story.

Metal Gear Solid was the only game to ever leave me speechless. It was like nothing that had come before. It felt like I was Snake and I had all my pals around me in the game trying to help me complete my mission. A game that I still love today.

Playstation 2

1. Metal Gear Solid 2 
2 Grand Theft Auto III 
3. Tiger Woods 2005

MGS 2 was my most anticipated game ever. I simply had to own it. It didn't let me down. 

GTA III blew me away with the intricate missions that made me feel like I was living in Liberty City.

Tiger Woods was a sports game with no equal at the time. I loved the character customisation, the ability to buy your own clubs and customise them. Then there was the clothes and hats. Then there was a real time calendar of golfing events. My friends and I would often take our golfers to each others houses and play head to head rounds of golf. A truly revolutionary golf game.

Sony PSP

1. GTA Vice City 
2. PGA Tour Golf '06
3. Pursuit Force 

My time with the PSP was limited I bought it but never really got on with it and then I got an XBox 360 as which took over my gaming world for the next few years BUT the 3 games I have picked were the 3 games that I deeply enjoyed. I think at the time I couldn't grasp how Sony had managed to fit a PS2 into a handheld case!!

Nintendo Wii

1. Resident Evil 4
2. Wii Sports
3. Super Mario Galaxy

I spent a while being underwhelmed by the Wii and then I discovered Resident Evil 4. It just fitted the Wii Remote controls so perfectly and the first time you make a Zombie head shot in the game will be the moment you will fall in love with this game.

Wii Sports is a simple set of games but games that I still play now. Bowling is a firm family fave as everyone can get involved. I love baseball and also like the way the game tracks your performamnce to give you a rating over the course of your time playing. 

Mario Galaxy is platform perfection. Its Mario 64 refined and augmented for motion controls. Mario rules and always will.

Playstation 3

1. The Last Of Us
2. Red Dead Redemption
3. Metal Gear Solid IV

The only game that has ever made me cry and laugh. It is the beacon of light in the era of AAA titles. TLOU is a masterpiece.

Red Dead Redemption is a spaghetti western on your PS3. It's brilliant. The Wild West has never been depicted so perfectly.

MGS IV felt like a homage to all that had come before it and even had the MGS level from Shadow Moses played out in PS1 graphics! Brilliant.

Microsoft XBOX 360

1. Fallout 3 
2. Bioshock 
3. Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Fallout 3 made me lose hours and days of my life. Never before has a game immersed me in its world so much. Exploring an unknown unrecognisable world was a pleasure as you uncovered stories and secrets of the Wasteland.

I bought Bioshock after watching the trailer on YouTube and i wasn't disappointed. A world like no other with characters like no other. Truly groundbreaking.

COD 4 was my first COD experience and one that I will never forget. The standout moments were the Ghillies mission and the helicopter bombing mission. Amazing stuff that COD has found it hard to live up to since.

Notable Omissions:

- Nintendo Entertainment System - Played,Never Owned

- SEGA Game Gear - Played, Never Owned 

- ZX Spectrum - Played, Never Owned

- Commodore 64 - Played, Never Owned

- Amstrad CPC - Played, Never Owned

- BBC Micro - Played, Never owned 

- Gameboy - Played, Never Owned

- XBOX - Owned But Not Enough Games Played

- Nintendo DS - Owned But Not Enough Games Played

It was a tough set of choices but so much fun remembering these awesome games!

Why don't YOU have a go and let me know how you get on in the comments box below!

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