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I've always been a massive fan of the 80's & 90's football games.

Those games were made with play-ability in mind with a simple but sharp aesthetic to the graphics.

Super Arcade Football seems to be trying to recreate that era and improve on the things that made those retro games so awesome.

Super Arcade Football is aiming to recreate the classic football genre by concentrating on the following key elements:
  • Arcade style game play
  • Speedy game pace
  • Powerful shots and action
  • 4 Player local multiplayer
  • Crazy fun non simulation pure arcade football action! (that's a mouthful!)

For those people that loved the likes of Kick Off 2, Sensible Soccer, Microprose Soccer and GOAL! this game looks right up our street.....

The boys at Out Of The Bit are promising these really cool game features.......

  • Controlled shooting with advanced ‘Slow-Mo- Banana-Bending-Technology’ ™
  • Guaranteed amazing goals!
  • 4 Player Local Multiplayer - Play with friends competitively or cooperatively
  • Very relaxed referees - No offside rule!
  • Don’t actually need to like football to play! (but if you do , good on you!)
  • Spontaneous weather conditions.
  • Lots of Pitch types / teams - Each with their own affect on gameplay.
  • Normal Time + Golden Goal Mode (First goal wins)
  • Smooth controls
  • Slow Motion Goals

Sounds like mega footy fun to me.....

The dudes responsible for this love letter to the football games of years gone by are "OutOfTheBit"
They are a London-based independent game studio who try to make interesting interactive products that anyone can enjoy. Sounds like the kind of mission statement that I can buy into.
Here's a bit of a history lesson for you .....
"OutOfTheBit was founded in 2008 by Ali Motisi with the aim to produce simple, beautiful and interesting games, originally focusing attention on the mobile market. 
With chart success in the classic/board games genre, Ali started development on an original and experimental project: Anima, an online multiplayer game set in a magical and colourful world. OutOfTheBit develop their own in-house tools which give their games a distinct look; a vectorial graphic editor called “Stork”, an advanced music tracker and audio engine named “SongBird”, as well as their own well integrated framework “The Pipe” are the main weapons in the OutOfTheBit game development arsenal." 
(source: outofthebit.com)
I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into this beauty as it's right up my Sensi-KickOff-GOAL! Street....

Do You Like the Look Of This Beauty?

When You Get A Chance Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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