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Absolute Drift: Zen Edition – 6/10

Nintendo Switch

A top-down drift racer with simple presentation and smooth visual style, Absolute Drift: Zen Edition makes a solid first impression.

The drift mechanics are hard to master and the lo-fi beat-driven soundtrack really sets the mood for some casual drifting action.

After an hour or so though, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the game felt like a lengthy tutorial that never quite gets into gear. 

Although there are several modes on offer, you’ll mainly be racking up points and trying to get the smoothest laps possible in order to proceed through the unlockable sections and various car upgrades.

The driving controls are twitchy and can be satisfying but I found that I had to concentrate so much on nailing the perfect drift that I couldn’t really relax and yet the actual presentation and content of the game seemed too superficial to fully engage me.

I ended up feeling like I was in a no man’s land where it didn’t have the compulsion of more arcadey fare such as Inertial Drift or the ‘zen’ factor of Car Quest or EXO One, two other examples of the ‘relaxation racing’ genre. 

Maybe the balance of relaxation/challenge is just a bit off for me, personally, as I can see that the game really does have its following.

If you are a fan of top-down racers and like the thought of getting the perfect lap in a game highly-focused on this aspect, definitely give it a spin.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite drift into its open arms.


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