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A top-down adventure very much in the vein of Zelda’s 1992 Super Nintendo outing, Ocean’s Heart has its flaws but will definitely be one for fans of the genre and hopefully will see a port to Switch, which feels like a natural home for it.

In Ocean’s Heart, you take on the role of Tilia, a young girl who leaves her village following a pirate attack in search of her heroic, wandering father.  A brave soul who sailed off single-handedly to put a stop to these pesky pirates.

As already stated, the Zelda influence looms large here, with the visuals, health and combat/magic system all being reminiscent of Nintendo’s beloved title and I really don’t see that as a bad thing.

I clicked with the jovial tone as I explored the lands, having amusing conversations with NPCs and getting stuck into the various predicaments, dungeons and spats that make up the quests of the game.

It’s not all plain-sailing though, the controls could sometimes be a bit of a tinker. In these top-down games, I instinctively reach for the D-pad but it seemed a bit unresponsive (to the point that I assumed there was a fault with my controller and tried another, to no avail) and so I instead used the left thumb-stick, the in-game menu system is a bit cumbersome and I’m always dubious of a single-save function due to issues I’ve had in the past.

The music is also initially charming but seems to be on a pretty short loop, meaning that tracks can get tiresome if you hang around a certain area for too long.

"Right, I’m off to find my Dad."

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