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Well, I've gone and done something with my Mean Machines Magazine collection that I've always wanted to do but have never got round to doing until now.

For some reason, I wanted to catalogue all the reviews from Issue 0 to 24 so that if I ever need to refer to a physical edition of Mean Machines then I know exactly what issue I need to look at.

Yes it's nerdy and yes it is a bit silly but I think that it's something that you probably didn't realise you need but you do now!

Luckily for you Games Freezer followers, you can access my list any time you want with this handy link.


Why do you need it?


"Someone posts something on Twitter about some video game from the '90s and you wonder what review Mean Machines Magazine gave it. Off you go to my list of Mean Machines Reviews and find it and then you could even go that one step further and look at the magazine. 

BUT I DON'T own all the Mean Machines Magazines! I hear you cry...

Well here's another pro tip...

Go to The Internet Archive here >>> https://archive.org/details/mean-machines-magazine and you can peruse the PDF versions of the Magazines at any time.

Once you are there and you find the page that has the review you could even then download the page and make a tweet on Twitter using the Tweet."

This is revolutionary I know and some said it was a waste of time but I disagree, I'm doing god's work here.


Here are some Mean Machines stats from my findings:

  • 371 Reviews across 24 issues
  • Highest Rated Game 98% :
    • Street Fighter II SNES 98%, Super Mario Bros 3 NES 98%, Super Mario World SNES 98%, 
  • Lowest Rated Game:
    • Road Fighter NES 9%


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