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Something a bit different from GF today, as we talk about B.R.U.C.E Saves Christmas, an on-line escape room available from Bewilderbox.

As someone who has taken part in a handful of Escape Rooms over the past few years and more recently, been pretty quizzed out over this Covid period, I leapt at the chance to do something a bit different that involved my friends and so it was that Games Freezer stalwarts Lee Manuel, Max Cherry, Kingdom of Carts and mutual friend Sexy Dave logged into Bewilderbox’s latest online room in a bid to save Christmas.

The story of this escape room is that someone has kidnapped Santa in a bid to stop Christmas and the players act as elves that need to work together to solve the crime within 60 minutes.

As communication is key (although many options were available such as Zoom, Skype etc.) we decided on a WhatsApp group call as the rules stated that only verbal communication was required between players.

The main screen shows everyone’s cursors and inevitable comedy names so you can kind of tell who is doing what in the game. The main screen is presented in a clean, neat 2D fashion, beginning in a shed that you need to get out of.

Whilst this is a single screen, most sections beyond this have left/right scrolling buttons as the areas comprise of more than a single area.

Visually, the game is relatively simplistic – which is a plus as it makes it clear which sections are puzzles and thus interactable – with several sections which are based on sound, meaning that it’s wise for the majority of the players to mute for clarity as echoes were a bit of a nuisance on parts of the game that required melody-making.

The difficulty of the puzzles felt well-judged and, whilst there were moments where too many cooks could spoil the broth - in terms of multiple people shifting around shapes to create an image, for example – the vast majority of the game felt quite solidly paced and none of the puzzles felt unfair or too obtuse. 

We completed the game with just over 9 minutes to go (so yes, you have us to thank for your Christmases, no worries) and all involved agreed that it was a fun game that was well worth the £19.99 price tag.

We had no technical issues whilst playing and the program ran perfectly online.

Whilst the festive period may be over, I heartily recommend recapturing some Winter magic with B.R.U.C.E Saves Christmas. Heck, maybe you’ll even beat our score on the leader boards.

I can’t print it here as some of the more unscrupulous team members named the team…but I can say that it involves clowns and we will definitely be partaking in more Bewilderbox action!

Merry (belated) Christmas!



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