☆ Can YOU Name A Video Game Where The Main Character DOESN'T Jump? ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite #Gamers

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"Atari Jaguar White Men Can't Jump box art" by Source (WP:NFCC#4)

Recently whilst "chilling" in the Freezer I've been thinking about the most common mechanics that always seem to be present in every video game.
It got me thinking,
"What Video Game Mechanic Could You Not Live Without?"
When you think it through, it has to be the good old fashioned JUMP
Just think about all the games you have ever played where you control a particular video games character……now try and name one who couldn't jump…
Not easy is it!?

I came up with Pac Man (although he can jump in Pac Mania), the Marble from Marble Madness (although the marble does jump involuntarily over ramps) and I'm pretty sure that SNAKE can't jump in the Metal Gear Solid Series of games (which thinking back now seems kind of odd…)
Granted my brain is full of video games and I cant actually recall every game I've played where the character cant jump but I'm pretty sure a non jumper is a rare occurrence.
So, who was the first video game jumper then?
Well, of course it was JUMP MAN (AKA Mario) in Donkey Kong.
Jump Man needed his jump ability to contest with those pesky barrels that were being hurled at him by a crazy gorilla on steroids.
After Donkey Kong the world of Jumping never looked back, of course platform games were the most prevalent genre in the 80's and right through the early to late 90's too.
It seemed that every major console manufacturer through the 80's & 90's needed a platformer type character who could jump to be the face of their console.
Nintendo had Mario (&Luigi)
SEGA had Alex Kidd and some blue hedgehog dude called SONIC……
Sony Playstation had Crash Bandicoot
Although Atari never quite managed to have a mascot or face of their consoles….ATARI is ATARI after all
Not only is the basic standard jump a part of legendary video games franchises, there are also the different types of jumps to consider……
Standard Jump
Example Game: Super Mario Bros
Example Scenario: "Mario Jumps like this to punch a block"
Double Jump
Example Game: Jak & Dexter
Example Scenario: "Jak needs to reach that nearby ledge that's just a bit too far for a standard jump, so a quick extra press in mid air allows for the double jump to kick in "
Triple Jump
Example Game: Mario Galaxy 2
Example Scenario: "Mario needs to get extra height on a jump to reach an otherwise unreachable platform and as the player you press the jump button 3 times in quick succession"
Enemy Jump
Example Game: Sonic The Hedgehog
Example Scenario: "Sonic sees a robotic fish jumping from underneath a brdge, Sonic times a jump to perfection in order to jump directly onto the enemy and then land on a nearby platform"
The Attacker Jump
Example Game: Double Dragon
Example Scenario: "Billy & Jimmy Lee need to dispose of some bad guys and make use of the attacking jump kick to pummel them"
The jump is truly the king of game mechanics and it would seem it's here to stay….
What's Your Favourite Jump or 'Jumpee' In Video Games?
I'm a BIG fan of the Sonic spring jump where you launch yourself onto a spring and up,up and AWAAAAAAAAAY you go!
What About YOU?

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