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Do you remember the halcyon days of the Nintendo Wii? (it wasn't that long ago, so I suspect you do)
Like a plague of locusts the Nintendo Wii seemed to consume everything in its path, smashing all before it, breaking all sorts of records for unit sales. 

Everyone seemed to own a Wii……the world went Wii crazy
There were websites that told you where the nearest stock of Wiis were, such was the clamor to jump on the motion controlled bandwagon
and then all of the sudden………………
The Wii died as quickly as it was born.
It was a piece of kit that then just began to gather dust underneath peoples TV sets…..
People started using the Wii balance boards as an expensive lap tray for their dinners (was it only me that did this?)
Wii Remotes were left discarded in drawers and cupboards only for the AA batteries to leak inside them causing the battery contacts to be eaten away slowly….
What a sad end for such a promising console….
The Wii was around for quite a while but it almost felt that the love it got was only from the hype it received in the general media. It never seemed to get the love it deserved from the gamers like you and I…..
I'm ashamed to say that I abandoned my Wii pretty early on after playing a handful of games as my X360 took over my life.
Games of note that I played on my Wii were the brilliant Mario Galaxy, the awesome Resident Evil 4 and the fun Mario Kart Wii….
Beyond these games it was a case of some button bashing on Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and some bowling fun on Wii Sports (although recently for some reason I started playing Baseball again and I'm hooked!!!)
I think that's where I decided to give my Wii another chance…….a chance I know it deserves…..
This time though, my Wii is going to get a makeover…….inside and out!!!!
This is my Wii V1.1 and the 4 steps I'm going to follow to breathe life into my neglected, wasting away Wii…..
Step 1: Upgrade Them Cables My Friends
I've started with an easy step first. I'm ditching my Composite Wii Cables and I've invested in some Component Cables. I'm told that this will icrease the sharpness of the non HD visuals of the Wii and should produce something like 480p results on your telly / Wii hook up (whatever that means!!??)
Step 2: Get Me A New Controller
So many options are available for different variations of the compatible controllers that you can use on your Wii, but I've always fancied one of the Classic Controller types which is a cross between a SNES Joypad and Game Cube layout.
The reason I want to invest in one of these is so I can play some cool retro games as they were intended to be played, using a pad and not a Wii remote sideways!
Step 3: Play More Games!
Like I mentioned before, my games playing on the Wii was a woeful effort. There stacks of great games on the Wii that I have never played, so it's time to raid the back catalogue and play these 12 great games to get things started:
1. The Legend Of Zelda - Twilight Princess
2. Mario Galaxy 2
3. Punch Out
4. Red Steel 2
5. Okami
6. Super Paper Mario
7. Dead Space Extraction
8. The Last Story
9. New Super Mario Bros Wii
10. Donkey Kong Country Returns
11. Metroid Prime Trilogy
12. The Legend Of Zelda : Skyward Sword
Step 4: Mod My Wii
Now I've sorted out the basics let's open this baby up!
It's time to unleash the real power of the Wii.
By soft modding the Wii you can get the Wii to do all sorts of cool stuff!
What I'm interested in is getting my Wii to become the all singing all dancing Retrogaming Emulation Machine just like I've recently discovered that the XBOX can be.
So after a little bit of searching on You Tube and watching a couple of Tutorials , it seems pretty straight forward to get the Wii to start singing the emulator tune!
I'll be using the lttrbmb method and uploading the software using an SD card, from what I've seen its as simple as downloading the files onto an SD Card, slotting that into the Wii and firing up the Wii to follow the on screen instructions to get the hombrew channel installed onto the Wii.
From there onwards the Wii becomes an emulation powerhouse!!!
The Wii is an underappreciated console that deserves a second chance and hopefully by following the above steps I'll have another couple of years (and more) of video gaming fun fun fun!!!
Surely it's better to get the Wii up and running again, doing stuff it wasn't originally designed for, rather than it just sittng there as a dusty doorstop…. No console deserves such a fate!
Do YOU Still Play Your Wii or Does It Just Gather Dust?
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