☆ Pang Man's Video View - "Part 4: Guile's theme goes with everything!" ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite #Gamers

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Today Pang Man Steps Up To The Plate With An Absolute Classic & Hilarious Set Of Video Clips All Based Around Guile's Theme Music From Street Fighter 2......

"Continuing with the Streetfighter 2 theme, our next video is an absolute classic called, 

"Guile's theme goes with everything"

Although I'm sure many of you would have seen this before, I'm sure you would enjoy a repeat viewing.
The premise is straightforward, if you replace the original sound of a video with Guile's music, it will fit the visuals perfectly! 

In fact it can often make a mundane scene more intense.
The 1st example below is a KFC advert, with a guy dancing whilst holding some chicken

The 2nd video is from Maury an American talk show where Guile's music is played, upon the results of a paternity test being revealed

The 3rd Video is from a classic episode of Fresh Prince where Uncle Phil, plays against some hustlers

Pang Man

Therefore We Can Conclude That Guile's Theme DOES Go With Everything!

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