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Gameboy, Nintendo, Retrogaming

My desire to get involved with the whole 3D printing scene has been halted every time I look at the prices of 3D printers (although they are coming down)
So my 3D lust has had to be satisfied through a different type of 3D creativity…..
It's called cubeecraft.com

When I covered the Gameboy 25th Anniversary last year I stumbled across one of the CubeeCraft creations in the form of a paper craft full size Gameboy.
As soon as I saw this I fell in love with this and needed to build it myself.
That's where it all started and now I'm addicted to Paper Carft!
Who needs a 3D printer now!?!
Check out 10 of the coolest Nintendo things to make that I found on cubeecraft.com

1. Toon Link
6. NES
7. R.O.B
9. Kirby
10. GameBoy

These are my 3D Paper Models i've made so far.....I used standard A4 printer paper so the quality is not as great as it could have been, but I still love 'em. They take pride of place on my desk....


CubeeCraft, Retrogaming

Retrogaming, CubeeCraft

Now it's your turn

Have a go at making something from CubeeCraft.com follow us on Twitter @GamesFreezer 


Send us a picture of your creation to 

The best model will win a special mystery prize from The Freezer Archives so GET CUTTING AND FOLDING!!

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