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My latest search through the retrogaming blogosphere brought me to Red Parsley....

This Blog is "For ALL Things Retrogaming.....AND More Besides!"
Red Parsley is choc full of great retrogaming content with hundreds of articles on the site that are easily accessible through the brilliantly labelled posts list.

With a whole host of retrogaming machines and game reviews to choose from you really are spoilt for choice.

Simon, who writes this great blog, is a self confessed nerd from England who loves retro video games, movies, sci-fi, and anime. So Red Parsley does cover a whole variety of nerdy and filmy subjects apart from just Retro Video Games.

Simon's has a really engaging writing style and I really enjoyed reading through the articles on the blog.

My favourite article is Simon's "Favourite Spectrum Loading Screens" there are some absolutely legendary loading screens on the list that i'd forgotten all about. 

Check out "Chase HQ II" and "Bronx Street Cop"

With a feast of Retrogaming goodness abound Red Parsley needs to be added to your favourites list immediately! 

A great blog with loads of cool content.

What's YOUR Favourite Retrogaming Blog?

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