☆ Pang Man's Video View - "Part 3: Street Fighter II (The Church Edition)" ☆ #GamersUnite #Retrogaming

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Retrogaming, Computer Games

Our Resident Purveyor Of All Things Video Games Takes Another Look At You Tube For Some Video Games Gems YOU May Have Missed Out On............

Part 3 is entitled "Street Fighter II (The Church Edition)"
"One of the most underappreciated elements of any game are the sound effects. 

A good way of demonstrating how important they are, is by playing them over an unrelated video and seeing the result.

This brings me to my next video "Streetfighter 2 Church Edition." 

In this case someone has cleverly overlaid the Streetfighter 2 sound effects and music onto one of those church scenes where a religeous figure waves his hand and members of the congregation fall like dominoes as they are cured (presumably).

Amazingly the sound effects perfectly match the on screen action! For example a "Tiger" sound effect accompanies a dramatic arm gesture from the pastor and as members of the crowd faint, an accompaning impact sound is heard.

My favourite part is probably at the end when a guy pulls of his jacket and passes it over the congreation who collapse in a line (Psycho Crusher!!!). 

Absolutely brilliant!"

Retrogaming, Video Games, Computer Games

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